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Craig Counsell's walk-up song?


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I am not sure if there is any major league baseball player who would remind me less of Jimi Hendrix.


But the song does include the lyric "no reason to get excited," so maybe it is a perfect fit.


(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

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Isn't it ironic that Counsell, the whitest person in the stadium, was the first player to drive in a run on Negro League Night?


and it was Hart that he drove in. But he wasn't the whitest person in the stadium. I was out there too http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/tongue.gif

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Funny how he started the season with 7 Dust.. switched it to Jimmy and actually started hitting a little bit. Maybe we can convince Gabe Gross to switch.


Gabe Gross has absolutely dreadful theme music. I fully second this motion.


Oh and I love Sevendust "Black"... knowing Counsell's hitting ability I don't think the song switch will help him ever be a decent hitter. :)



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RickieWeeks23 has revealed his youth on this one! I know you meant no harm, but to hear Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower" called "like a 60s-70s war type era song" made my soul bleed.


Viva la Hendrix!


FWIW, my only other choice for Craig would be "Voodo Chile: Slight Return". For those who know that opening guitar riff, you need know nearly no other to know what a beautiful instrument the electric guitar can be! (Ok, to be fair, that'd be my choice for me, as it has nothing to do with how it relates to Counsell...)

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