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8/13/05 - Reds (Ortiz) @ Brewers (Ohka) - 6:05 CST


I am as disheartened as anyone about the five game skid. But while things are clearly headed in the wrong direction, they are still just five under -- a winning season is not out of the question, not with 45 games still to play.


As for calling up the guys from Nashville, I am dying for that to happen. In fact, I was surprised when either Hart or Cruz didn't get the call to sub for Brady. But the history of this club has been to keep the kids down there for the "playoff experience" (in case a miracle happens and MKE ever makes the post season, I guess).


Besides that, I think they will keep those guys down there for the sake of "affiliate relations": I don't think it would sit well with the Nashville owner if the parent club yanked the heart and soul of his team away just as the playoffs began. The Brewers are just getting started in Nashville, and I imagine they want to be there for a while. Ripping the meat of their club away at this point would probably not be a positive step in fostering that relationship.

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Well, I am so happy. I completely ignored the Brewers today and spent the Sunday morn with my family. I have not looked at the game, but just read this thread. I assume we started ok and had an early lead, maybe 1 run. You know we have had the lead in almost every game we have lost recently.


As I said before in the heat of the moment, Ned is not the right leader for this team. They have quit on him.


They do have talent. I will not agree with the guys who write we just do not have talent. Let me see.


O at 1st not worse than average

Weeks better than average at 2nd

JJ average offense (now) and above average D

3rd base platoon WAY above average

LF LEE is above average

RF Jenks is above average

CF Clark was above average, wasnt he

C Miller is above average, isnt he


Sheets and Davis had the most quaility starts of any 1-2 in baseball last year, they are way above average


Cappy has an era in the 3s, that is a good number 3

Ohka is a good number 4


Turnbow is a great closer

Wise is a great setup guy


Now try to explain to me we do not have talent. We have two problems


1) the guys are good, but in the clutch do not perform to their talent level

2) the guys that are not good are far too often pushed into situations where they carry the fate of the game, that is Ned's fault


So, I conclude Ned needs to go. The guys do not perform for him to their talent level. And Ned also puts our worst players in postions of vitalness.


This team is not beyond hope. But they have been satisfied with being .500 in August. That was their goal, they have acheived it, and now they have switched off.

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the guys that are not good are far too often pushed into situations where they carry the fate of the game, that is Ned's fault

While it is not even close to entirely responsible for the Brewers losing but of the problems with the Brewers and losing close games is there bullpen gives up the big inning. A 3-run inning in a close game means game over. It was really highlighted in the St. Louis series how they won those close games in large part b/c there bullpen was simply better. With guys like Ricky Bottalico, Tommy Phelps and even J DLR, Santana, and Wise and now Lehr and today Eveland giving up 2, 3 run innings it is hard to win.

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Hoffy, in you hopes of convincing yourself the Brewers are actually pretty good if not for Ned Yost, you overestimate the talent of the palyers you mention (even if only slightly), and you simply fail to recognize that outside the players you mention which accounts for only 1/2 the roster, the rest of the roster is basically completely devoid of talent. You also, underestimate the importance and poor performance of the pitching. The bullpen is a joke, in large part because the have had way too much work as a result of way too many 4 and 5 inning starts.


Unless you plan to play every inning with only 9 position players, 4 starters and 2 guys out of the bullpen, you are going to end up with guys on the other half of the roster - the bad half in a position where the need to deliver. How on earth is that Ned Yost's fault? The other team gets a say in the matter too you know.


I'd like to believe this team is more talented than they appear too, but unless you know something Doug Melvin doesn't, Ned Yost is not the problem. If he is the problem, then DM should be fired right along with with him, for not only failing to make a change but extending him for next year. If the team has talent as you argue, and if Ned is keeping them from performing to their talent level, as you also argue, then Doug Melvin has failed to meet his responsibility by failing to recognize that. With all respect due your baseball wisdom, I am going to stick with Doug on this one - for the time being anyway.

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Well, that game was a big bowl of crap.


No kidding. I can't decide if this was worse than the numerous missed opportunities on Friday night. How pathetic is it when one of the best things you can say is, "at least it was quick"?


On the way back to the parking lot I found a broken piece of Overbay bobblehead - a forearm grasping a bat. I'm certain this is a metaphor for the 2005 Brewers.

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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well maybe they can transfer some of the brewer players for the players on the sounds. but then that might not make Nashville a quality team.


i think if this team does not to fine hundred it will be a major let down.


ps the other guy you won"t see back is wyeager

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Dunh, dunna, na, na GO PACK GO!


Well I would leave Nashville ALONE! Let our new affiliate enjoy the success our Brewers can't provide.


Sheesh, Tony Larussa's gamers, fighters, battlers beat us 2 in a row on the road. Sigh.... http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/sick.gif

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