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8/13/05 - Reds (Ortiz) @ Brewers (Ohka) - 6:05 CST


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It's Overbay bobblehead night. He'll light it up. I'm 0-4 in my last four appearances at Miller Park. This could be because the last time I saw Turnbow get a save at the Keg I got one of his player tees. I've worn it to every game since, and he hasn't had a save opp. Tonight, I will wear my Podsednik jersey, which can't jinx anything, except the White Sox.We're also playing the Reds.


Everything above points to victory and turning this bus around.


Either that, or this team will quickly turn me into an alcoholic.

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I am not asking for Oh No to give the kind of pitching performance that he gave last time that he was up, that would probably be asking too much. If he can just keep the ball down and let his fielders do the work I thing we are due to put at least 5 runs on the board, but I have been wrong before.


"grab a brew, don't cost nuthin"

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Clark is still out tonight and the Branyan backers have more griping to do as Hall starts vs. RHP Ortiz.


Sorry, I don't know how to "do" the lineups, but they're posted at USA Today.



"His whole life is a fantasy camp. People should plunk down $2000 to live like him for a week. Sleep, do nothing, fall ass-backwards into money, mooch food off your neighbors and have sex without dating... THAT'S a fantasy camp."
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I'm not good with the lineups as well, but I'll put out the lineups. I'm lisening to "Good Times" by Chic in an attempt to get some good mojo started for tonights game.


F. Lopez SS .276

R. Freel 2B .287

K. Griffey Jr. CF .283

A. Dunn LF .259

S. Casey 1B .315

A. Kearns RF .241

J. Valentin C .288

R. Aurilia 3B .259

R. Ortiz P .118


R. Weeks 2B .264

J. Hardy SS .209

L. Overbay 1B .281

C. Lee LF .271

G. Jenkins RF .290

B. Hall 3B .268

D. Miller C .263

C. Magruder CF .225

T. Ohka P .147

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That good mojo is not getting off to a good start because for whatever reason I am not getting a feed for the game from the MLB extra innings package. Every game is coming in fine, except of course the Brewers game.
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Did anyone notice what it was that Rickie was taking off in the dugout (it was visible on the FSN feed)? It looked like some sort of wrap... I assume it was for his injured thumb. I wish the local media would tell us what is wrong with him... now I'm paranoid.


Coshun is giving it the old college try, but he's hard to listen to.



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