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8/12/05 - Reds (Hudson) @ Brewers (Capuano) - 7:05 CST


The mighty Brewers take on the lowly Reds in an epic battle of recent central division bottom dwellers. Tonights pitching matchup leaves something to be desired for Reds fans. They send Luke Hudson to the mound with a 3-5 record and a hefty 7.88 era. His counterpart Chris Capuano, arguably the Brewers most consistent starter, sports a picturesque record of 12-7 to go along with his steadfast 3.64 era. Can the Brewers score enough runs against Hudson to overpower the lethal Reds offense? We will if Chris Capuano has anything to say about it.


bj-dub's prediction: Brewers - 7 Reds - 3




Yahoo Preview


milwaukeebrewers.com Preview


CBS Sportsline Preview


USA Today Preview

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Is this the same Luke Hudson who had an ERA over 10.00 and shut us down in Cinci the last time we saw him?


The same.



Actually I don't know. I just wanted to use that line from Clerks . . . sorry I truely digressed there.


Cappy, come up huge baby, settle in for the stretch run to .500

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He pitched against us on July 24th. He got a ND and put up this line.

 IP H R ER HR BB K 6.0 6 2 2 0 3 4 


It was definitely his best outting of the year...I wouldn't say dominant though. He seems to be putting the ball on a tee for everyone else.

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Well, as RyDogg quotes, we whould be able to get his ERA closer to 5.00 tonight.


Seriously, who do we seem to make guys having bad years and brand new guys (see Tuesday) seem like CyFreaking Young?


Nevertheless, I feel win tonight.

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I went back through the play by play for that game . . .


The first two innings were killed by double play balls. We had Hudson in trouble but Weeks grounded into a DP right away in the first, and Moeller in the second.


We had 2, three up, three down innings. However, we did "line out" three times. Which tells me we were hitting the ball well, just right at people.


I don't think he's the type of pitcher that gives us trouble. We just need to do more with the gifts (walks) that he dishes out instead of GIDP.


I think we'll hammer out a bunch of runs. 8-5 is my prediction with our bullpen giving up a 3 run shot.

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The mighty Brewers take on the lowly Reds


I was trying to work a little mojo there....it was followed shortly thereafter by...


an epic battle of recent central division bottom dwellers.


Any WC chances we had took a serious blow after that kick in the junk the Cards gave us.

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I'll be at the game tonight. Thankfully I got free tickets for the night where FSN shows they really don't love us.



Also, here's what I found on milwaukeebrewers.com(good site with a lot of information, check it out sometime)......


In June, July and August, gates will open 90 minutes before game time Monday - Friday and two hours on Saturdays and Sundays.



I believe parking lots open hours before the game.

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Sorry for you regular viewers if this game isn't televised back home, but I am in North Carolina and barely ever home here, so tonight's game will be the first I am able to watch on TV in a couple weeks. Can't wait. MLB.tv is worth it to me even if I can only watch 12-15 games a year. I'll post any observations I make requiring a visual over the radio/gamecast coverage some of you may be restricted to. Hopefully Cappy comes through with a good showing.
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