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6/20/05 Cubs (Maddux) vs. Brewers (Ohka) 7:05pm

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Perez and Patterson are like the worst 1 and 2 hitter I could ever imagine.


We used Podsednik/Durrington and Podsednik/Magruder a couple times last year. Is that worse? http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/happy.gif

Wearing my heart on my sleeve since birth. Hopefully, it's my only crime.





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Our Milwaukee Brewers are NOT in a position where we can afford to have bogus calls against us. Clark was safe at second. Cirillo tags one for a hit and we should have a run. Instead, it's still scorless for the Crew.
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What a ridiculous call. I could tell he was safe in real time from whatever angle the camera gave us. Someone needs to tell the ump that the ball getting there before the runner does not automatically assume the tag gets the runner. He was looking RIGHT at the play, too.
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