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6/20/05 Cubs (Maddux) vs. Brewers (Ohka) 7:05pm

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The count was 2-2 and Maddux threw what looked like a strike, but was called a ball.


I thought Maddux threw one strike, the one on the outer half that Miller fouled off. The others looked like strikes, but on replay were a good 2-3" off the plate...Blanco made them look good initially

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Plays Good Defense: Nope.

Good Baserunner: Nope.

Get's on Base: Yep.


1 outa three ain't bad, Clark.


It's funny, because the Brewer's margin of error is alot smaller with a $45 mil payroll but they CONTINUE to kill themselves on STUPID stuff. Clark looks up with the silly idea of throwing the runner out at 3B; He takes his eye off the ball and let's it bounce past him, causing the Cub's lead to extend to 2 run late in the game.


ALL the Cub's runs have come with 2 outs. ARGHHHHH!

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Yeh! And when Overbay hit that 2 run HR, there's wasn't even a runner in scoring position no were there 2 outs! What a waste!


Hall with a leadoff double. Weeks and Jenkins, let's go!

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The thing that a manager IS responsible for is FUNDAMENTALS.


Caught Stealing

Thrown out at home

Thrown out a second

missing the cut off man

missing the ball completely

errant throws

booting groundballs


throwing to the wrong base



That's not from bad talent so much as it is from bad coaching, or lack of coaching.

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Bill Hall 4-4 in hitting the snot out of the ball.


2-4 on the day only.


But I am sure all the haters are right, he'll be a .245/.305 guy by the end of the year. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/eyes.gif

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