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3/25/05 - Brewers (Glover) @ ChiSox (Garcia), 2:00 PM CT


OK, another game on MLB.TV for those with the online video package:




That probably means Direct TV as well, someone can look into that for us, please.


Audio subscriber, only? Here's your link:




Just got the official word that MSN subscribers will have their 2004 free subscription to MLB's All Access video and audio expire at the end of March. Oh well, fun while that lasted -- that'll be $99.95 for the 2005 season, still a bargain for a diehard...

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I know this happened in yesterday's game, but I found a cool photo of Cirillo's walkoff homerun. It was not on the AP wires, but it was posted on Onmilwaukee.com.


I get excited seeing stuff like this (even if it's only spring training)



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Krynzel cf

Cirillo dh

Obay 1b

Helms 3b

Hart rf

Magruder lf

JJ ss

Durro 2b

Moeller c

(Glover p)



Po lf

Iguchi 2b

Everett dh

Gload 1b

Rowand cf

Perez rf

Pierzinski c

Ozuna 3b

Harris ss

(Garciai p)


Top 1:

Krynzel - 1b, CS

Cirillo - F9 diving

Obay - 2b from the 2b machine

Helms - K, naturally.


Bottom 1:

Po - 5-3 bunt

Iguchi - 2b off wall

Everett - F8

Gload - F7


Top 2:

Hart - 5-3

Magruder - F8

JJ - 1b, SB

Durro - BB

Moeller - 6-3


Bottom 2:

Rowand - 6-3

Perez - 6-3

Pierzinski - 4-3


Top 3:

Krynzel - 2b down lf line

Cirillo - 1b liner, Krynzel to 3rd

Obay - 4U

Helms - K. nice.

Hart - K swinging.


Bottom 3:

Ozuna - K

Harris - bunt hit

Po - 4-3

Iguchi - 6-3


Aright, that's all for me, at least for now...


... back

4th inning was apparently uneventful.


Top 5

Moeller - 6-3

Krynzel - 1b, scores later (1-0 Crew)

Cirillo - on, possibly BB

Obay - on

Helms + Hart, one of them got on, one out

(Started listening now) Magruder - bases clearing 2b, SB (4-0 Crew)


Durro - 1b, Magruder in (5-0 Crew)

(Takatsu in)

Moeller (led off inning) - F8


Bottom 5: (Glover still in)

Pierzinski - 4-3

Ozuna - 4-3

Harris - 3U


Go Gary.


Top 6:

Krynzel - GONE! now 4-4. Yowsas. (6-0 Crew)

Cirillo - 1b

Obay - K swinging

Helms - F8

Hart - FC


Bottom 6: (Phelps in)

Po - 4-3

Iguchi - out

Everett - K swinging


Top 7:

Magruder - on?

JJ - 2b? Magruder on 3rd. I really need to pay closer attention

Durro - K

Moeller - E6, (7-0 Crew)

Rottino sighting - K swinging

Cirillo - 2b, (9-0) Crew, to 3b on WP

Lyle - K looking


Bottom 7:

Burke - on

Rowand or Young - gidp Hardy to Weeks to Prince. Sigh.

Perez? - 4-3


Top 8:

Weeks - K looking

Drew Anderson (who's that?) - K

JJ? - F7


Bottom 8: (Bennett)


inf hit off Bennett's glove



Top 9:

Hall - on

Durro - 1b

Mark Johnson - E4, shot ate up 2b (10-0)

? - 5-4 FC, throw late. Suckers. (11-0)

Crabbe - K

Prince - out


Bottom 9:

... Hmm, audio seems to have conked out, I'm going to declare this half inning irrelevant and subsequently disregarded. Crew wins!

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oh man, durrington? whats the point? Where is Russel or Wes?


WHy wouldnt Prince DH?


In part because a bunch of people stayed home for the camp game, and also I imagine they're looking more at people who haven't made the team yet.

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In part because a bunch of people stayed home for the camp game, and also I imagine they're looking more at people who haven't made the team yet.





Yeah, I noticed that it was an away game, Id much rather see Prince get the DH nod, and cirillo play second, but oh well, whats the point of looking at Durro? everyone knows he is crap and wont make the team.

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From the Game Notes:


IN THE PEN: Following Glover to the hill today will be: LHP Tommy Phelps (#41), RHP Ricky Bottalico (#52), RHP Mike Adams (#46), RHP Brooks Kieschnick (#55), RHP Jeff Bennett (#57), RHP Rick Helling (#60) and LHP Jorge De La Rosa (#47).


Obviously that includes guys who are pitching in the minor league camp, too, so I'm not sure exactly who's following Glover.



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