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03/04/05 - Brewers @ Oakland, Seattle @ Brewers (SS)


Ben Hendricskon takes the hill against the Oakland A's today at 2pm CST, and Chris Capuano gets the nod for the home portion of the split squad at 2pm as well.


Audio is available here for both games with Darron Sutton calling the Seattle game, and the Oakland feed available for the away game.


MLB.com game preview:




In-Game Thread primer:

For those of you who are new here, we create one thread per game (or in this case, we'll do one game for both split squad games). The flow of the IGT's (In-Game Threads) is different from normal conversation, and often resembles that of a chat room... although the chat room is still available and is often used during games as well. The staff or other members of the site will usually provide as many links as possible pertaining to the games, and starting lineups as they become available. The purpose is to keep game conversation from spawning multiple threads, and to give us an easy way to archive conversations pertaining to a particular game. I hope you enjoy our IGT's throughout the season.


Play ball!

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Man, I can't wait for this afternoon! Baseball season is finally here! The only question is...which game do I listen to? I want to listen to Capellan pitch against the A's, but how can you turn your back from Krynzel, Weeks, Hardy, etc. going up against the M's. I guess i might have to go back and forth as best as i can.
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I will be at the Maryvale game today and will try to take some notes so I can give a bit of an update.


In case you missed it here is the lineup.










Capuano.....to be followed by Capellan!! YES!



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It does appear, as of right now, that to listen to the game, you need to purchase the audio package from MLB. That doesn't make me very happy. We have a local sports station up here that broadcasts all the Brewer games, so I wasn't planning on buying the service this year, but it appears that these games called by Sutton will ONLY be webcasts, so if you want to listen to the game, you have to buy the service. It says that spring training games are free with the subscription, when in the past, you could listen to the spring games without buying the subscription. That pretty much sucks.
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If you click on the Brewers feed it starts loading, while the other two feeds ask for username and password.


Cool beans! Hopefully it works at 2 p.m. I have to say, though...the Brewers website could have done a much better job of promoting the "freeness" of the webcast.

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When I log into my MLB.com account and press on the links I don't get a restricted message, it just plays a short blurb about the stream not being available. I don't know if that means it's free if you log in or if the link still won't work when the game is on. I would give it a try if you aren't sure about getting the Audio package.
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I know I had to pay last year to get the pre season games. It may be different for the Brewers this year. Something tells me Mark A. might have a little something to do with the free webcasts. If so, Bravo Mark, Bravo.
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Hey all. For those of you that I haven't been around the past 2 years or so, I' usually do a running box score of several (most) spring training games. I subscribe to MLB's Gameday Radio, so I'm planning to do it for todays SS game at Oakland. Let me know if anyone has a problem with that. I keep all the game updates within one posts and update the running box after every half-inning.


Planned pitchers for the Oaklnad game....Hendrickson, De Le Rosa, Wise, Diggins, Narron and maybe Sarfarte "


other players to play at Oakland..."Carlos Lee will make his unofficial debut in the road game at Phoenix Municipal Stadium, where he can serve as the designated hitter. Yost is easing Lee into game action because he was one of the last position players to arrive in camp. Wes Helms, Bill Hall, Junior Spivey, Brady Clark and Chad Moeller."


The running box will take place within this thread...so around 3:10 or so...start checking for my updates....that way folks who can't listen at work/home just be able to follow along and those listening to Brewers/M's game will still be able to stay on top of the action in the other game...



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