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8/6/2004: Brewers (Sheets) @ Marlins (Burnett)


Wow, the interest in this team has tumbled. One hour before game-time and no thread? Wow. It's Sheeter and Burnett tonight in the first match-up between these teams in 2004. The Fish owned the Crew last year. Should be a good match-up, although Sheets hasn't been at his best lately, he's "due" for a stellar start tonight. Burnett was injured last year and the first part of this year and does have one career no-no (albeit with 9 BB). In his one start against the Crew, he is 1-0, allowing 4 ER over 7 IP. Sheets is 1-3 with a 4.94 ERA in four starts vs. the Fish, spanning 27.1 innings of work. GO CREW!!!


Yahoo! Preview

ESPN Preview

ESPN Stat Pack

Brewers Preview

Marlins Preview

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Lineups brought to you by friends and supporters of Ben Grieve:


Scott Podsednik, CF&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

Bill Hall, 2B&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

Geoff Jenkins, LF&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

Ben Grieve, RF&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

Lyle Overbay, 1B&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

Wes Helms, 3B&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

Chad Moeller, C&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

Craig Counsell, SS&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

Ben Sheets, P&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp


Juan Pierre, CF

Luis Castillo, 2B

Paul Lo Duca, C

Mike Lowell, 3B

Miguel Cabrera, LF

Jeff Conine, 1B

Juan Encarnacion, RF

Alex Gonzalez, SS

A.J. Burnett, P

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Did anyone else know that Counsell scored the winning run of the 1997 World Series in Florida? Thank goodness Daron and Bill are here to repeat that every 5 minutes or I may not have known. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/eyes.gif
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At least we don't have Juan Encarnacion, right?

 AVG OBA SLG OPS HR BI ----------------------------------------------- Juan Encarnacion .236 .294 .412 706 13 44 Scott Podsednik .252 .318 .391 709 10 29 ----------------------------------------------- 

Eek. That's disturbing to look at.



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I am relegated to the game day on sportsline, but seems a bit odd that one single to the outfield can yield 2 runs. Poor Ben. Sportsline says 1 run earned, but I am sure no scorer in the world will make any of the two runs earned. Wrapped between the outs and errors are a single and infield single. That combo of offense never scores and earned run.


If the pitch location to Lowell is correct on my PC, then Ben was super. Not one pitch anywhere near the center of the zone. And all in different corners... up, down, in, out... even the balls well placed.


Good job, Ben.

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That was a pretty ugly ankle-turn by Moeller... everybody do whatever it is you do for good luck for him to be okay. The infield dirt at no-one-watches-games-here-park seems to be pretty terrible... Counsell had trouble earlier and Castilla had trouble with it on the very play that sent Moeller out of the game.


I'm afraid that even if it is just a sprain, Chad will be out for several days. Especially given that he's a catcher, a DL stint doesn't seem out of the question. Maybe Chris Coste will get a chance?


Anyway, that sucked.



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my first thought is... stupid... I assume Moeller must have pulled a hammy or something... but Ned should have put a faster pitcher in or something... it can cost a run


and it may?

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Gary Bennett is such a gritty team leader. I mean, he's from a different era. He's a hardnosed ballplayer.


But his hitting? And his fielding? And his baserunning?


Well, not so good.


But did I mention he's a gritty team leader?





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Sorry about posting this in the Brewer game thread, but I thought it should be noted that Indy has no-hit the Columbus Clippers through 5 innings. This according to Sportsnetwork. I'm not listening so I don't know if Childers is still in.



EDIT: Now no-hit through 6.

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