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06/06/2004 - Brewers (Davis) at Padres (Eaton)


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Eaton's another guy we SHOULD be able to knock around, but I have my doubts. We made Valdez look like Greg Maddux yesterday (or Tim Hudson, if you please, Bill http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/laugh.gif )


This win is important today. Win today means one win in Anaheim will send us back to Milwaukee over .500.

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I wonder if Nedley's starting Liefer to see how he does in RF in order to help him determine who'll be DHing in Anaheim.


I think Yost is just frustrated as hell in Grieve's .388 OBP.


It's just astonshing to me the complete lack of respect Grieve is getting, especially by our manager. The man is getting on base 39% of the time, yet just has 128 plate appearances in 53 games. And if Grieve does actually get the opportunity to start, it is a noteworthy accomplishment if he is still in there past the sixth inning. It's a disgrace that Brady Clark, he of the gigantic .306 OBP, has just 19 fewer PA's than Grieve.


You're not going to find it easy to break out of slumps when a man who has an OBP over 40 points better than your leadoff hitter sits on the end of the bench.


Grieve may not be a good defender, but defense isn't killing this team right now. Offense is.

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Exactly one of Jeff Liefer's games in Indianapolis was played as an outfielder. So you can't exactly say the Liefer over Grieve move is due to defense in Petco's cavernous right field.


Cincinnati comes back from the dead to win again today. They are certainly looking charmed.

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On the pregame show, Yost said he is starting Liefer because he was swinging a hot bat in the minors and he did not want him to come up here and sit for several days and get rusty.
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It seems like we are getting a lot of sacrifice flys in situations that you would really like to get a hit. With runners on first and third, a sac fly seems to kill momentum even though the run scores.


I'll take the runs, but it would be nice to bust out a little more with some hits..

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Random thought: With the addition of Liefer, we could start a lineup of 6 left-handed hitters. The only exceptions are:


C - Moeller/Bennett

2B - Ginter/Spivey


Otherwise, we could start:


LF - Jenkins

CF - Podsednik

RF - Grieve

3B - Liefer

SS - Counsell

1B - Overbay


That's pretty weird.


And on an unrelated note, I don't know what to make of this "2 runs in the first inning" thing. It's been a while.



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Woohoo! Two misplayed bunts in the same inning!


How was the first bunt misplayed?


Maybe Davis' throw on the 2nd shows why he didn't want to throw it on the 1st one http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif


Well, I guess Doug has been so spectacularly good lately that he's due for a stinker...


Oh, and thanks Mark loretta for making a stupid out.... you of all people should know how well Jenkins can throw.

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Anytime you have a sacrifice and are unable to get an out on it, its misplayed. JP said that the defensive positioning was strange, that Ginter was half way back, so it was unclear if the bunt was supposed to be Davis's to field like earlier in the AB, but Counsell was holding at 2nd so who knows.
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