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Braun named Player of the Month and Rookie of the Month


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Funny thing of course is that Braun's June was better than his July


Yep, outside his counting stats (home runs and RBI), his rate stats were all better in June. Which speaks to just how good he has been since his recall.



"I guess underrated pitchers with bad goatees are the new market inefficiency." -- SRB

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For setting the highest definition of excellence, Sharp, the presenting sponsor of the National League Player of the Month Award, presents Ryan Braun with an LC-52D92U 52" Sharp AQUOS® LCD-TV. Sharp AQUOS is the "Official High-Definition Television of Major League Baseball."
And in related news, the poster of the month will receive a can of Grandpa Graf's cream soda, the official cream soda of Brewerfan.net.
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From the USA Today...While I am not sure if they are on 'the drugs' I can only assume as much. (Page was posted Aug. 4 but this ROY voting is from July 18


NL top rookie


Voting on a 5-3-1 basis:

Name, team (first-place votes)


1 Hunter Pence, Astros (11)


2 Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies


3 Ryan Braun, Brewers (1)



Others receiving votes: Josh Hamilton, Reds 9; Chris Sampson, Astros 5; Tim Lincecum, Giants 1; Justin Germano, Padres 1; Matt Chico, Nationals 1.


Last month: 1) Pence, 2) Tulowitzki, 3) Chris Young, Diamondbacks.


-- compiled by Steve Gardner, commentary by Daniel Paulling

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