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Shouse since June 15th

Bruce Ciskie

I doubt there is any correlation, but on June 15, Brian Shouse came on and got a three-inning save against Minnesota. This was a point in the season where his struggles were pretty well-chronicled.


Including that appearance, here are his numbers since:


20 G, 19 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 4 BB, 11 K


0.00 ERA, 2.75 K/BB


Just wanted to offer a tip of the cap to the gentleman. Well done, sir.


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He's been a godsend at times, no doubt, like that DP he induced on Tuesday after Wiser had left him a big mess, or that 3 inning stint vs. the Twins in June.


Anyway, he isn't spectacular, and can definitely be had, as can anyone with an 81 mph fastball, but I'd still like to join in and say well done, sir.

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The stuff is "blah" but his command is impeccable - though it just might be that it's physically impossible to throw a ball higher than the knees with a submarine delivery. He hasn't allowed a HR yet this season in 32 1/3 IP, that's pretty awesome for a reliever or any pitcher, submariner or not.
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He may be a lefty specialist but he can get righties out well enough to leave him in if they replace the lefy hitter with a righty. He's also good enough to leave in for an inning even if a righty is sandwiched between two lefties. I don't cringe when he faces a righty nearly as much as I did when Mike Myers had to face a righty.
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Remember when the Brewers had no lefties in the pen?


Which begs the question, if a readily-available LOOGY can have this much success when deployed properly, why did Doug go for so many years without one? Or is Shouse just this good ?

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