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The Official Apathy Thread/Raise the White Flag!


Since the Brewers have been playing so lackadaisical on the field and it seems like the team hasn't gotten on a good run in the last month or so. Let's make this the official apathy thread where people can post poetry, haikus and make jokes about the Brewers. It may be crude or mean to have this thread, but if it means getting people to lighten up about the once-promising season, maybe some good morale can come from this thread. I will start it off.


- Ned Yost has a roulette machine in his office to select his lineup everyday... and instead of numbers, he's got his players' pictures on them instead.

- Johnny Estrada is mad at Chris Capuano and gives him crappy pitching signs because Capuano once told him to lay off the Twinkies in the clubhouse and Estrada's feelings were hurt. Hence, why Capuano has been struggling for most of the year.

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Team's win games

Brewers now can't, Cubs are

Time to switch the lineup


We need a slumpbuster really bad, as I stated in the vent thread: Here is a descriptive version of what a slumpbuster is in baseball, courtesy of www.slump-buster.com

A Slump Buster is a running joke inside of baseball locker rooms. It is the only known remedy to break a slump. Baseball players are very superstitious people. Some guys take Slump Busting more serious than others. When you are fighting for a job in the minor leagues and its been a long season... anyway, you get the point.


During Spring Training with the Mets in 2002, we had a talent show at the end of camp: sort of a party to celebrate the new season. Everybody was excited to get out and play in games that counted. I drew up this skit to perform. The skit depicted an "infomercial" that would play late at night and be seen by insomnia stricken ball players who couldn't sleep because of their most recent hitting woes. The infomercial had a Fred McGriff- like figure endorsing this thing called a Slump Buster (probably by now most of you know of the infamous Mark Grace interview on the Jim Rome Show). The skit was a crack up. There were about 8 guys or so in the skit, most notably David Wright in his first spring training. There was a cash prize for first place and with the money I made shirts for the guys that participated. The shirts were so popular that everyone in the farm system wanted one and next thing we knew we were moving them to guys on all the teams, selling them in the locker rooms during season.


From that single box of shirts in 2002, Slump Buster now has an official retailer to professional baseball in the Paul Pryor Co. It is a modest operation but there is still something about the shirt. Slumps happens all the time in all performance situations in life. People relate to slumps and the desperate yet fun mindset of Slump Busting. You will love the reaction you get wearing this label. And you never know when you might need to bust out yourself!


-John Wilson, former AAA catcher

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The greatness of Billy Hall

Oh why, oh why did you fall?

Estrada's nickname is Ponch

Oh why, oh why must you act like gordo ponch?

The long bright spot is Hart

But sometimes this team makes me fart

We have a man named Prince

But the team could use a good rinse

Our supposed No. 2 pitcher is Cappy

But doesn't make us happy

The run of wins were great for the Brewers

But now they act like rats from the sewers

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If we were truly apathetic....there would be no replies to this thread...


Right now, we all care....but it has been so long that we have to worry about other teams and how they perform.


it seems that every pitch is crucial...every at bat is the end of the world, if they can't get on base....


The team and its fans seem to have forgotten what got us into first place and that was a relaxed team that just played good ball.

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Who wants to stick a fork in the Brewers?

Because they are done!


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I think I've pretty much reached total apathy at this point. I certainly don't get upset anymore. It's gotten to the point where I just expect to lose every game. I expect the pitching staff to get crushed every game. I expect to continue to hear some reason why Sheets return time is pushed back. I've accepted that it's probably only a matter of time before the team is well under .500. If they actually win a game, I think "Well, that's nice. No team loses every game." and move on. Since I just expect total ineptitude, it doesn't really surprise me or make me angry anymore


Earlier in the season, I really believed this was going to be a special year. Looks like it's not. Same old Brewers. Last year, the team blew a 5-0 start. At least that team had injuries as an excuse. This year, we've blown a 24-10 start. I don't see anyway that the majority of fans can ever truly get excited by a Brewer hot start again. It looks like any excitement will need to be restrained until all 162 games of a season are played, and the Brewers have proven they are up to the task of competing for a full season.


Oh, by the way - Brewers, if you could please go on a late season tear and make me look like a complete idiot for posting this, I'd be very grateful. Thanks.

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Baseball is not, believe it or not, life and death. The Brewers missing the playoffs is not the worst thing that can happen. I missed last night's game because I was busy hanging out with friends for the last day before they had to leave for their next year of college. I didn't check for a score until this morning, and didn't really have a ton of emotional attachment to the latest loss combined with another Cubs loss (and really, it didn't surprise me that a barrage of singles beat the Brewers again...if Gallardo gave up 5 straight homers I'd be a little more concerned).


Sometimes, to keep yourself sane, you need to step back and take a day off. Enjoy the finer things in life like time with friends or a significant other. Letting the Brewers decide whether you're happy or not isn't healthy, even earlier in the year when they were 14 games over .500. I'd be a lot more concerned if the Brewers were 1.5 back with 2 weeks to play, but they're 1.5 back with 5 weeks to play. Some people assume the absolute worst is going to happen over those 5 weeks, some people assume that things are going to go extremely well over those 5 weeks -- I'm just interested to see how this year ends. As much as missing the playoffs would stink, I wouldn't judge this season a failure if they do miss the playoffs, just like it seems like most Cubs fans wouldn't judge this season a failure if they miss the playoffs. This has been a fun season regardless, and I think both teams are gearing up for some interesting races in the years to come.

"[baseball]'s a stupid game sometimes." -- Ryan Braun


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That's it. They've ruined my night for the last time this year. I am officially removing my emotion from this team. I've been holding out from saying this for a while but they're just plain not as good as I thought they were. Maybe with an outstanding manager, they could win the division. With a slightly above average manager, they could break .500.


But we're a game below and in 3rd place.


I just can't continue to let my self care anymore. I am going to surrender to apathy.

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