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7/18 Non-Brewers IGT


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Sure would be nice to a Giants win as we tailgate tomorrow.
"His whole life is a fantasy camp. People should plunk down $2000 to live like him for a week. Sleep, do nothing, fall ass-backwards into money, mooch food off your neighbors and have sex without dating... THAT'S a fantasy camp."
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Would it be possible to either add the start times to the above graphic or simply provide a link to the mlb.com schedule page? I know, all we ever do is take, take, take, from WooGie? When are we ever going to give! http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif


Matt Cain is so good. I have no idea how the guy is 3-10.


Looks like the usual suspect is a big part. His run support has been terrible. 3.85 Runs/game:




BP puts his expected record at 10.2 - 7.8.

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I also feel bad asking wOOgie for more and more stuff...


But since you have a tracker for NL Central Teams already, I would love to see the tracker including NL teams that are fighting for division leads and the wild card. I guess for me personally, I would like to see the pitching match-ups for the dodgers, padres, diamondbacks, mets, and braves games -

especially the padres, dodgers and mets.


If that's too much work (which i understand if it is, lol), how about replacing the hopeless NL Central teams like the Reds, Pirates and Astros with the NL West, East, and Wildcard Leaders???


The NL tracker is nice, but I no longer care about the Reds for instance and would rather see team match-ups that have a bigger impact on the brewers.


Thanks in advance for any consideration, and if anyone agrees with me or disagrees, please share your thoughts

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I know most people really hate big z but I enjoy watching him pitch. He has crazy movement on his ball and everytime he goes out he could pitch a no-no. plus dude can hit. Then there is always the chance he just might blow up and start punching guys.



he just knocked down a line drive with his bare hand, that had to hurt a little.

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OK--watching the Cubs game today and they had a spot with Kerry Wood's wife about a charity thing. They're selling a urinal signed by the team. I love baseball and "game used" memorabilia but I think this is across the line of going too far. Wow. Is there anything they won't buy?


They even added how it was "right inside the tunnel" and that it has "been used by all the great players who have come through here"

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