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Postal Worker attacked by wild turkeys


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Fortunately, the attack turkeys are farther west than my 'hood.


When I was a teenager living in Monroe, my family lived near a small private pond in the middle of town. One year some Canada geese were attracted to the pond, and got pretty aggressive around humans. My mom had left payment in our mailbox for a workman (it was the 1970s, I guess people weren't as security focused) and when she found the payment still there at the end of the day, she called the workman - who explained that he tried to get the payment but was driven away by "your attack geese."


This didn't seem to be considered a problem until the geese started going after golfers at the nearby country club. Then action was taken and we never saw geese in the neighborhood again.

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It's funny that this is a known gang of turkeys that have been doing this for years in different neighborhoods.



Lobner said other residents should not be too worried about marauding bands of wild turkeys in the streets. He said this particular group of toms has a reputation and has actually been a problem in the past at John Muir Elementary School, chasing school children around the playground and even pecking at the doors after the students were rushed inside the school.



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One afternoon a couple years ago, there must have been 150 or more wild turkeys in my front yard. I didn't leave the house to check them out, but it never occurred to me that I should be nervous if I did. I just figured it was a good time not to walk the dog; he was telling me about them quite loudly.


They ended up peacefully walking down the road after about 25 minutes or so.

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