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5/16/07 Brewers (Suppan) @ Phillies (Hamels): 6:05 PM CDT











































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Will the Brewers fall all the way to 10 games over .500, meaning another year with no playoffs or will they win this game in May, giving them the inside track to the World Series?


Seriously though, it would be nice to get this game so the road trip isn't a total failure. Still not "must win" territory, IMO. However, they have to get back on the right track soon.

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Really don't like the matchup for us in this one...Hamels is their best arm, and the Brewers, whether you love the new team or not, are still the Brewers, and we've seen tough losses burn them in the past (last season's two 10 game losing streaks anyone?)


I am very uneasy about this game tonight...

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Mench has been dreadful for a few weeks now, Ned will have his right-handed lineup out there, and Corey isn't exactly raking.


Isn't Damian Miller's unbeaten streak still intact? Maybe we'll see Damian today, which wil mean Estrada's switch-hitting bat will be available if they need a late-inning RH pinch-hit stick.


Still, tied with Atlanta for the best record in the N.L., tied for the second best record in all of baseball, nobody else in the division is over .500, and another thing to consider is after this week, we're done visiting both the Mets and Phillies for the season.


One thing about being on the East Coast that's nice is that most Brewer games start at 8:00 my time. For anybody who is a dad (or mom), trying to enjoy the 7:00 start (or for most of you, the 6:00 start) amidst homework time, spend some time with your kid after the workday, etc., is brutal. So another good reason to wrap us these East Coast trips as quickly as possible.


Now watch me yawn staying up next week for the S.D. and L.A. games...

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Must wake up bats! Who stole the rum?!


Offense has taken a 3 day vacation. Lets get a move on.


Also, again, if Mench and Estrada are in the lineup, they need to be away from one another. Otherwise, the Phils will ahve 2 or 3 6 pitch innings.

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I will be at the game tonight though my girlfriend doesn't want me wearing my Hardy jersey because she feels the philly fans will kill us.


Hurricane. I wore my Brewers gear to a game at Citizens last year. You should be safe. This isn't the Vet and those aren't the Eagles and the Brewers aren't the Cowboys or Redskins or NY Giants.


You might get a little ribbing. Nothing life threatening like being in he 700s at the Vet in opposing team gear. Just be respectful. If you start getting annoying or loud then they will turn on you.


If they start heckling you just yell "Cowboys Suck!" That'll win em over.

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Seriously, Ned needs to start playing with the lineup a bit. TGJ is a true leadoff hitter, and should be playing at least everytime against righties, and maybe even a trial against lefties. Rickie needs some time in the 6 or 7 hole, and Bill could use some time in the 5 or 6 spot. Time to start managing like a playoff caliber team.


Get a win Crew, spite the Mench and Graffinino!

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