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4/22/07 Astros (Oswalt) @ Brewers (Bush): 1:05 PM CDT






















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I'm kind of anticipating a lineup that has Gwynn in CF, Gross in RF, and Counsell at 3b. Good time to get the righties a day off against one of the game's most dominant righties



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I know that Hart has been playing really well lately, but I wouldn't mind seeing Gross in there against a tough right-hander.


I agree, I love the way Hart is playing but I'd be okay with Gross getting a start today in RF. Its encouraging to see how well we actually hit Oswalt, I was expecting worse numbers. It would be great to take 2 of 3 here and be 11-7 going into Wrigley tomorrow.

Formerly BrewCrewIn2004



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This is one of those games where you aren't disappointed with a loss, but a win could be huge.


I agree with you 100% and I always tell myself this in games like this.....but then when we lose by a run or 2 I get pissed anyways. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

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Obermuller update: He's winning for the The Fish.


I've loved this "A-Rod-like" power outburst for Hardy lately. Lets see Weeks and Prince jack one or two today... Bush will be solid and I think we take this series from the 'stros.


See what kind of confidence this team inspires?


I hope I didn't jinx us...

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