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4/7/07 Cubs (Zambrano) @ Brewers (Sheets): 12:05 PM CDT






















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Sheeter's time to get the Crew back on track!

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Going to be a great pitching matchup today. I can't wait. The Brewers are due and Miller Park will be rocking today. Going to the game Sunday. Like to have a winning streak start today.




Love the graphics Woogie. Outstanding!!!!

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Time to right the ship. I blame the jerseys for yesterday, anybody ever find the w-l records for those throwbacks? Woogie, your graphics are awesome, but the cubs streak is W1, and that's nitpicky, so keep up the good work. I love the Braun tracker.
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After being at the park last night, hopefully we can get a little revenge today. Listening to Cubs fans cheering at our place is discouraging. Time for Benny to shut them up.


PS, Woogie, if you can keep up these layouts for every game, that would be phenomenal. Those are awesome.

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Prince seems to hit Zambrano well. Hopefully he gets it going today. I guess he has a four game hitting streak, but I can't seem to remember any of the hits other than the dinger. Quiet season so far for the big man.
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Couple of notes...


-The Cub$ lineup is scary good. Soriano, Lee, Ramirez are all-stars. And when guys like DeRosa, Izturis, and Barrett are hitting the ball...wow. I wish we could buy a winning team.


-I'm afraid Sheets will get hurt by the long ball a couple of times today. He is known for it and the Cubs have a lot of good fastball hitters.


-If we haven't done damage to Zambrano by the third inning, we're in big trouble. You can usually tell how his day is going to go by the first couple of innings.


We really need this one today...I'm worried about tomorrow's matchup with Brewer killer Wade Miller.

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