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Powerpoint on Wisconsin baseball

T B0NE 10

For school im doing a powerpoint on the history of wisconsin baseball

i need like 20 slides this is what ive got so far


1. start of baseball/history- civil war time

2. club baseball of 1900's

3. 1901 milwaukee brewers

4 cream city grays

5 indians in baseball (native americans)

6 milwaukee braves

7 hank aaron

8 minor league milwaukee brewers

9 county stadium

10 milwaukee brewers franchise start

11 1982 season

12 1983-2007

13 present brewers

14 amateur baseball in wisconsin

15 college baseball in wisconsin

16 modern minor league teams in wisconsin


can you think of any other stuff i can add to my slideshow .,....its very in depth and has great pictures i have it on a file at school if i can i could bring it on a flashdrive and somehow show it if anyone wants to see it........anyone think of any other great interesting stuf fi could add?

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Yeah, you could do some specific moments slides - Braves WS in '57, Nieves no-hitter, the game Casey mentioned above, ect. You seem to need 5 more slides, how about top 5 moments in Wisconsin baseball history?
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Looks like you jump from the Brewers franchise start right to the 1982 team.


Maybe a slide about the "Bambi's Bombers" teams from 78-81 that began the team's ascent to glory?


I might also go with "Team Streak" where you could do the 13-game winning streak, Nieves, and Molitor's hitting streak all in 1 slide.

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1. start of baseball/history- civil war time 2. club baseball of 1900's 3. 1901 milwaukee brewers 4 cream city grays If you want/need, I could connect you with someone that could provide you with a [LOTS OF MANYS] of info about this segment. He coordinates the Base Ball team at Old World Wisconsin (the Eagle Diamonds) & is a passionate historian that also happens to be a huge baseball fan (& thus has checked deeply into the history of baseball in WI)


If you plan on keeping that listed segment in your presentation, & desire any more info, shoot me a PM. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif


EDIT: Yes, you're absolutely wrong Casey. Thank you for hindering my inability to misuse words correctly. Sheesh... note to self... don't post when this tired http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

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I see you have a slide about Hank Aaron. Maybe have slides about the other Hall of Fame Milwaukee players like Warren Spahn, Eddie Mathews, Robin Yount, and Paul Molitor.


You could also do one on the 57 WS where Lew Burdette started three games completing them all winning them all and giving up only 2 runs in those 27 innings.


Maybe do one on different Cy Young awards Milwaukee pitchers have won and MVP awards Milwaukee Players have won.

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Also, as a general powerpoint presentation tip..you probably want to include an overview slide at the beginning to go over what your presentation is all about and a summary slide to go over what you just talked about.
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-Major League and Mr. 3000?

-White Sox "home games" at County Stadium? You could add a bit about the Indians' home games here last year too.

-The Northwoods League?


-Mascots, history of Bernie Brewer, sausage races etc.?

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You could do a slide on Bud Selig's efforts to bring baseball back to Milwaukee, including missing out on an expansion franchise for 1969.


TLB mentioned a "connect the dots" slide. (Correct me if I'm wrong on this one guys) One interesting note would be the attempt by Bill Veeck to move the St. Louis Browns to Milwaukee for 1952. They were the last MLB team to move before...from Milwaukee 51 years earlier. Veeck was the Mark Cuban of his time and got voted down before they moved to Baltimore to become the Orioles.


I'd also move the County Stadium slide to before the Braves since it was part of the effort to bring a team here.


A separate slide on Bernie Brewer too?

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You should have some slides about Bud Selig, his efforts obviously brought baseball back to Milwaukee and helped keep it here. Maybe even mention that his office in in Wisconsin, not NY or LA as many may think.


One more thing: You should have a picture of State Senator George Petak in there because without him, Miller Park never happens.


Then have a picture of Kim Plache(had Petak recalled after he voted for the stadium) with a red cross through it and tell the audience that if they ever see her at Miller Park, they have the right to go and yell at her an inch in front of her face until she leaves the stadium.

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brought baseball back to Milwaukee


That should include the 1967 sold out summer exhibition (Twins vs. White Sox?) and the '68-69 seasons as second home to the White Sox. And besides the failure to land an expansion team, there was the failed effort to buy the White Sox and move them to Milwaukee.

That’s the only thing Chicago’s good for: to tell people where Wisconsin is.

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"Twilight of the Longball Gods" has some essays about some minor league figures that might be useful for your research in that area.


Also, wasn't there an important meeting of the Western League, which became the American League, in Milwaukee? There's a historic marker about it downtown.

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