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3/29/07 Angels (Hensley) @ Brewers (Capuano): 2:05 PM CST






















Internet: Live Boxscore, MLB Gameday


4 days until Opening Day!

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Love the graphics. Cant wait until it shows Sheets vs. Lowe on April 2nd.


Is Cappy going to homeplate with that throw...that looks painful.




Here is the lineup for today's game:


SS Craig Counsell

3B Tony Graffanino

1B Prince Fielder

CF Bill Hall

LF Geoff Jenkins

RF Gabe Gross

C Damian Miller

2B Ozzie Chavez

LHP Chris Capuano

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Very nice graphics Woog. Post a template for us! Just incase you are unavailable for a game.


I will whenever I get organized and get time to get everything together.


Edit: By the way the link to the Webcast is up.

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Kent just said Kevin Mench is playing "sparkling" defense today. It just sounds wrong.


Although, I have kind of warmed up to Mench and I hope he can be a productive member of this team.

"When a piano falls on Yadier Molina get back to me, four letter." - Me, upon reading a ESPN update referencing the 'injury-plagued Cardinals'
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Top 5TH B:0 S:0 O:2

Pedro Liriano flies out, right fielder Kevin Mench to first baseman Mike Rivera.



Anyone listening to the game? How did this play happen, or is it another Gameday preseason error?


Lines out is probably better. Mench was playing shallow for the pitcher, it was lined at him on a hop, he came up throwing and got him by half a step.

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I think Jenkins is chasing his club option $9 million contract for next year


If he hits us .290+, 30 HR, and 95 RBi....he will get his $9 million. He loves to perform well during contract years, that's no secret.

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I hate comments like that.


So you think he just wasn't trying that much last year as he was losing his starting spot? A contract year is what'll really start to motivate him? Geoff is one of the most passionate players on the team, I highly doubt this'll be a breakout season just because of that reason

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It's not just Geoff that does it though. Any player, in any sport it seems, that enters a contract year typically has a huge year. And yea, exactly how many contract years has Jenkins had? One? How is that enough to make the conclusion that he loves to go off in those years?
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Any player, in any sport it seems, that enters a contract year typically has a huge year.


Most baseball players sign their first huge contract after their arbitration years are up. They are usually around 28 during their contract year... peak years for a player's performance. Are we supposed to be surprised when they have their best season at age 28?


The contract year phenomena is not as nearly pronounced as some suggest anyway. You could take 4 soon-to-be free agents, 3 will do nothing special, 1 will have a great year and people will say, "See, contract year!"

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