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Carl Crawford


I read today that Crawford would be available for a top of the rotation Pitching Prospect. Any thoughts? I like Crawford and with Hart in center or right maybe a good fit. Would get some more speed to the top of the order. And speed in the outfield.




2006 147 585 85 177 20 15 18 76 281 35 83 56



9 .345 .480 .303


link was NY mets paper but here it is www.nypost.com/sports/mets/ex_rayvision_mets_joel_sherman.htm

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I think it would take Gallardo to get Crawford.


I'd have to think that one over.


Baldelli is another guy mentioned and when he's been healthy, he's real good too (.880 OPS this year after sitting out all of 05) and he would come cheaper than Crawford. His weakness is that he doesn't get on base enough and since the injury, his steals are down.

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Just some info to consider:


Statistics from 2004-2006

YEAR  AGE   G    AB   R   3B  HR  RBI  BB   K  SB  CS   AVG   OBP   SLG   OPS

2004   22  152  626  104  19  11   55  35  81  59  15  .296  .331  .450  .781

2005   23  156  644  101  15  15   81  27  84  46   8  .301  .331  .469  .800

2006   24  147  585   85  15  18   76  35  83  56   9  .303  .345  .480  .825


Contract Situation

2006:  2.50M

2007:  4.00M

2008:  5.35M

2009:  8.25M (Team Option; 2.5M buyout)

2010: 10.00M - 11.5M based on escalators (Team Option; 1.25M buyout)

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That is a very VERY nice contract situation for a very good, young player. If we can get him for any pitcher outside of Sheets, Capuano and Gallardo, it's a no-brainer. That said, it'd be hard not to pull the trigger even with one of those three, with Gallardo being the best match.
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I know it's impossible for us to fathom what would get a deal done (too many unknown factors on our end), but it's fun to speculate.


I'd try to run a package of guys past the Devil Rays before offering up Gallardo. Maybe a combination of the following guys (with my preferred trade bait in each group listed first):

  • Villanueva/Parra/Inman
  • Hendrickson/Eveland
  • Iribarren/Fermaint

That being said, they could very well refuse any deal not including Gallardo and I would probably cave http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif


Potential Lineup (age on opening day 2007)

LF Carl Crawford (25 years old)

SS JJ Hardy (24 years old)

2B Rickie Weeks (24 years old)

1B Prince Fielder (22 years old)

RF Corey Hart (25 years old)

CF Bill Hall (27 years old)

3B Corey Koskie (33 years old)

C  Damian Miller (37 years old)

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Yeah, young pitchers never get hurt.


A 25 year old hitter who's just getting better is what the Brewers need. The odds say that his chances of staying healthy and productive are way, way higher than Gallardo's. There's a decent chance that Gallardo goes out next year and blows up his arm - it even happens to guys with good mechanics.

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Gallardo would be a steep price to pay for a guy with an OBP only about 40 points higher than his BA. The SB are nice, and he steals them with great effeciency.


I don't think I'd part with Gallardo. Inman+, I'd be down with, but I wouldn't trade Gallardo or Braun, and therefore I likely wouldn't be trading for him.

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i'm not a huge crawford fan, but this thread is telling because we are gonna have to part with some of the top prospect guys to get a big name player...


i think currently, the brewers are stacked enough in the pitching department that they probably could make a deal to get someone like crawford...i'd hate to see the prospects traded, but it would probably be a smart move...


i think crawford would cost us gallardo and inman....but at least he's young and cheap...instead of Andruw Jones, who is neither..

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the teams that trade their top prospects are the teams who can afford a massive payroll. For instance, the Yankees would rather not rely on kids. The Brewers can't go trading for hitters like Crawford, because that contract will be right when Fielder and Weeks are getting $7 million, and Hardy $4 million.
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Crawford is an almost ideal candidate for a leadoff/cf guy. That would give the Brewers a position to trade outfield depth for pitching to help make up for the loss of a Gallardo type.


Let's see, Clark, Jenkins, Mench, and Nix are certainly expendable. Hart and Gwynn probably stick. If the Brewers sign Graffanino with the prospect of starting him at 2b, you could put Weeks in LF, Crawford, in CF, and Hart in RF. That's a lot of speed in the OF, with Gwynn as a 4th/5th of and Hall as an occasional fill-in.


That excites me a lot.


Who the Brewers would get for pitching help in trade would probably be close to majors ready arms or average major league arms.

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I'd have no problem giving up a package like Dana Eveland, Zach Jackson and Hernan Iribarren for Carl Crawford. Thing is, you'd really have to sell the D-Rays on the pitching prowess of the guys you're giving up. Crawford is an exceptional baseball player that I would love for the Brewers to get, but the price would be high, for sure.
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