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2012 League Championship Series thread


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From 2000-2010: Most Playoff Appearances by Team



Yankees (10)

Braves (7)

Cardinals (7)

Twins (6)

Angels (6)

Red Sox (6)

A's (5)

Dodgers (4)

Phillies (4)

Giants (4)



Colts (10)

Eagles (9)

Patriots (8)

Packers (7)

Ravens (7)

Steelers (7)

Seahawks (6)

Jets (6)

Giants (6)

Chargers (5)

Titans (5)



I guess the NFL has the same issue...actually slightly worse, and everyone loves the NFL. :rolleyes


Good teams tend to stay good for a while and rack up playoff appearances.


Maybe the Reds and Nationals shouldn't have completely blown their shots at the NLCS, because both of them ultimately choked in the end. Every team in MLB would have taken their scenarios (up 2-0 in the series going home and leading 7-5 with 2 outs and a man on in the 9th inning - at home) and been planning their NLCS plans.


Maybe you just don't really like baseball?

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I tuned in for the 9th just to see the Yankees lose tonight. If I have to cheer for anybody, it will be the Tigers. Not long ago I liked the Giants, but something about them turned for me in recent years, and it's mostly fan-based.


Otherwise, I've got football on tomorrow and Monday and the USMNT World Cup qualifier on Tuesday. Daughter has a swim meet on Thursday. HS football playoffs on Friday. I'll worry about Wednesday when it comes - god forbid I read a book. That pretty much takes care of my week.

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Wow. I think that might be an achilles for Jeter, but it's definitely something structural. Much as I want the Yanks to lose never want to see that. If it's as bad as it appears it might cost him a season. At his age it could be worse than that.
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"Maybe you just don't really like baseball" :laughing :angry


Sounds like most people in this tread don't like baseball. I guess you're just caught up in the political climate. You make a generalization and assign it to anyone you don't agree with. If your going attack someone, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. Not cool.

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Not quite sure how I made a generalization or attacked you. You said that the games are boring, especially when they're 4 hours long...I'm not sure how this post season has been boring at all with the drama, comebacks, surprise heroes, etc.


Of course, it's your opinion about it being boring, but unless you don't like baseball, it's hard to imagine these games being considered boring when players and experts alike are talking about it being one of the greatest post seasons ever, already.


The comment about retracting teams because it's the same teams all the time anyway...my point was that it happens across all leagues - it's just a part of sports, even the most beloved sport in America has most of the same teams, so I'm not sure why that matters, really. And if you're looking for "parity," the magic word the NFL uses, since 2001, MLB has had 9 different World Champions while the NFL has had 8 different World Champions...I just don't get your argument here.


Finally, I phrased my last question as just that - a question, including the word maybe. I don't know you or your interests, but it sounded like maybe you aren't a fan of the sport of baseball, hence I was asking you...not attacking or generalizing. I have conversations all the time with people who don't like baseball - including my brother - and while, of course, I'll give them my reasons for enjoying the game so much, but in the end, you like what you like.

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Detroit, up 2-0.


Jeter: Broken ankle.


Also: I cannot stand McCarver.


And edit: Seriously? About 1/3rd of the pitches have been shown from behind the catcher. That view is so annoying.

"I wasted so much time in my life hating Juventus or A.C. Milan that I should have spent hating the Cardinals." ~kalle8

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To Tim McCarver: We REALLY don't care what you think...



I hate Cris Carpenter and I hate the Cardinals and I won't feel better until they lose or until McCarver and Buck give up calling baseball games. Breathe.... Phew!

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It is SOOOO hard to cheer for either of these teams.


I hate them both.


I am surely not cheering for the Giants to win as much as I am cheering for the Cardinals to lose.

"I'm sick of runnin' from these wimps!" Ajax - The WARRIORS
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Matt freaking Carpenter who just subs in for Beltran who got hurt (suprise) hits a 2R HR to give the Cards the lead.


Give me a freaking break. Between Carpenter, Kozma, and Descalso I am getting sick of these AAAA bums somehow turning into all stars for the Cards in the playoffs.

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