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6/13/05 Brewers (Capuano) @ DRays (Waechter) 6:15 CST

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I agree with Anders about Prince's handling of the "constant" questions about Cecil. He did fine, although he is not the most entertaining interview.


Let's face it, it will not be the last time he gets those types of questions or even more difficult pointed ones about the situation he is facing with his dad.


As for Schroeder, he should be embarrassed. Know your stuff man, especially when interviewing one of the hottest Brewer prospects to come up in years. Nothing that cannot be fixed with a sincere apology though.


All of this said, GO BREWERS!!! Doh, error...

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Good news and bad news for MLB.TV users.


The good news is that the Hair Club infomercial is over.


The bad news is that they are now showing more infomercials.


This is really really really really really annoying.

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i'm dvring this entire game and i can upload it if anyone wants it...


Do you have the expressed written consent of Major League Baseball ?http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif

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