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5/22/05 Brewers (Obie) @ Twins (Santana)

Here's hoping that the Brewers can continue last night's success in the Humpty Dump where they won 6-0.


MIL: RHP Wes Obermueller

? 1-0, 2.63 ERA in 2005

? 0-1, 8.38 vs. MIN in 2004





MIN: LHP Johan Santana

? 5-2, 3.96 ERA in 2005

? 2-0, 1.80 vs. MIL in 2004




Manager Ned Yost said he considered giving Junior Spivey a day off Sunday, but that was before a glance at the numbers. Spivey is 3-for-8 in two games against the left-hander, but two of those hits are home runs.



"At one point, [Lyle] Overbay was carrying the team. It seems like every day we've got somebody who is not afraid to step up. That's what's good about this team." -- Carlos Lee, on the Brewers' up-and-down offense

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unable to watch this game, following online.....


what is the deal with Santana......?? 5 straight K's? Is he throwing upper 90's or??? I know he is one of the best but ...5 k's in a row? Of course 2 were Helms and Moeller...but still.

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But of course Hardy is going to have like 20 ABS over two weeks showing Ned Yost means what he says when he tells Hardy to only concentrate on his defense.


I think after almost 2 months it's time to give up on a rookie. Yost is DEFINETELY the right guy to lead the Crew and their young guys INTO THE FUTURE.


1-0, Twins. Why did Carlos not even try to stop the runner???

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Nice inning for Wes there... anyone else notice the ad board behind the batter changing just as he's about to release his 2-2 pitch? Looks suspicious to me... then again, maybe it happens all the time and I've just never noticed?


Now, let's start sitting on that two-strikes changeup, at least tie this thing up.

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What? Does Santana have a no-hitter going? Oops, I said it.
"His whole life is a fantasy camp. People should plunk down $2000 to live like him for a week. Sleep, do nothing, fall ass-backwards into money, mooch food off your neighbors and have sex without dating... THAT'S a fantasy camp."
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