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3/31 Angels (Colon) at Brewers (Capuano), 1:00 PM CT


It's getaway day, so game time is an hour earlier than usual -- look for Cappy to have a big strike zone. And is it just me, or have the Brewers failed to hit a "name" pitcher hard in at least three weeks? Schmidt, Zito, etc., all seem to post lines like "one run in six innings" against the Crew this spring.


MLB.com audio link for subscribers:




Don't forget your Gorman Thomas chat at 2:00 PM CT via the Brewers' official site.

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It's also on XM Radio, channel 185, or in spanish on channel 190. Kinda fun to listen to it that way http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif A game a few days ago wasn't in english so I was listening to the spanish version. Was very confused till I heard, "Brewers Ocho, Angels once."



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The last day in Arizona and Chris Capuano is auditioning for the #3 spot in the rotation.


Spring Training is almost over and the new season about to begin. What a beautiful day! Count me in for the running box.


I'll update within this post! Go Brewers!




SS Maicer Izturis

RF Jeff DaVanon

3B Robb Quinlan

CF Juan Rivera

1B Casey Kotchman

C Jose Molina

2B Lou Merloni

LF Curtis Pride

P Bartolo Colon



CF Brady Clark

SS JJ Hardy

1B Lyle Overbay

LF Carlos Lee

RF Geoff Jenkins

3B Wes Helms

2B Billy Hall

C Chad Moeller

P Chris Capuano


Top of 1st

Izturis F-7

DaVanon 1B (texas leaguer just over Overbay)

Quinlan FC 5-4

Rivera F-8


Bot of 1st

Clark 1B (caught stealing 2-6)

Hardy 2B

Overbay Go (Hardy advances to 3rd)

Lee K


Top of 2nd

Kotchman K (swinging at a slider)

Jose Molina 5-3

Merloni 1B

Pride INF 1B

Colon 1-3


Bot of 2nd

Jenkins K

Helms E-5

Hall 1-6-4-3


Top of 3rd

Izturis 1B (caught stealing 2-4)

DaVanon L-8

Quinlan 4-3


Bot of 3rd

Moeller 2B

Capuano Sac 5-3

Clark Sac-9 (Chad scores...1-0 Milwaukee)

Hardy Po-3


Top of 4th

Rivera K (swinging at high fastball)

Kotchman F-8

Jose Molina K


Bot of 4th

Overbay 4-3

Lee 4-3

Jenkins K


Top of 5th

Merloni K (swinging at high fastball)

Pride 4-3

Colon 5-3


Bot of 5th

Helms Po-3

Hall BB

Moeller BB

Capuano Swinging bunt U3 (runners advance)

Clark BB

Hardy L-3 (nice leaping play by Kotchman. Saved 3 runs according to Sutton)


Top of 6th

Izturis F-8

DaVanon K

Quinlan K


Bot of 6th Bret Prinz is now pitching

Overbay K

Lee 6-3

Jenkins 2B

Helms F-8


Top of 7th Cappie steal dealing

Rivera 5-3

Kotchman GR 2B

Josh Paul 1-3 (Kotch to 2nd)

Merloni 6-3


Cappie now has thrown 25 innings this spring and given up 3 earned runs! I think he's earned the #3 spot.


Bot of 7th Bret Prinz is still pitching

Hall K

Moeller 6-3

Durrington (PH for Capuano) K


Top of 8th Chad Paronto is now pitching for Milwaukee

Pride 6-3

Howard Kendrick 6-3

Izturis BB (Moeller throws in ball into CF. Iz to 3rd)

Peratos BB

Luke Allen BB

Mike Adams is coming onto pitch w/ bases loaded

Rivera 1B (scores 2...Angles lead 2-1) ... caught stealing on pick-off 1-6


Bot of 8th Jamie Woods now in for LA

Moss Inf 1B

Escobar F-8

Cirillo F-9

Macgruder F-9


Top of 9th

Kotchman F-7

Paul U3

Merloni ??


Bot of 9th

My computer died...turned it back to hear Chad Moeller hit a walk off 3 run homer ...Brewers win 4-2

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Yeah, if we lose to this Angels lineup today, I will officially sound the pannic button! Especially if our pitching staff gives up more than 5-6 runs to these guys. Actually, maybe more like 3-4 runs. It's basically our major league starters vs. Angels AAA team. We need to win boys!
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Let's all say a prayer that we can get this kind of production out of Cappy during the regular season, and most importantly that he can remain healthy. I really liked what i saw out of him last year when he wasn't on the DL. If he stays healthy and pitches like this, we will at least have three solid pitchers in our rotation, which is a lot better than most seasons over the last 13 years.
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So I've been listening to all the games for free up until now and today they want me to pay for the 2005 season. Not sure what I did to deserve that.
"Dustin Pedroia doesn't have the strength or bat speed to hit major-league pitching consistently, and he has no power......He probably has a future as a backup infielder if he can stop rolling over to third base and shortstop." Keith Law, 2006
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Is anyone else getting nervous about the fact that we haven't been able to score many runs lately, especially since the regulars have started to play more?

This is starting to look like last year. Start out good, scoring alot of runs, then when we start playing our regulars, we can't score runs and start losing.

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Is anyone else getting nervous about the fact that we haven't been able to score many runs lately, especially since the regulars have started to play more?



I for one am not getting nervous because Im expecting our offense to be below average again this year. No surprise to me they arent doing well right now.

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