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08/01/2004 - Brewers (Sheets) vs. Pirates (Wells)

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Russell the Muscle has been very impressive today. Two walks and a double, and he's seen like 300 pitches in three plate appearances.


Ok I lied, but here's his game log:


Fifth inning:

Pitch 1 - Foul

Pitch 2 - Ball

Pitch 3 - Ball

Pitch 4 - Foul

Pitch 5 - Foul

Pitch 6 - Ball

Pitch 7 - Foul

Pitch 8 - Ball

Russell Branyan walks.


Fourth inning:

Pitch 1 - Foul Tip

Pitch 2 - Ball

Pitch 3 - Ball

Pitch 4 - Ball

Pitch 5 - In play, no out recorded

Russell Branyan hits a ground-rule double (1) on a line drive to right field.


First inning:

Pitch 1 - Ball

Pitch 2 - Swinging Strike

Pitch 3 - Foul

Pitch 4 - Blocked Ball in Dirt

Pitch 5 - Ball

Pitch 6 - Ball

Russell Branyan walks. Brady Clark to 3rd. Geoff Jenkins to 2nd.


Not bad.



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Why doesn't Grieve and Branyan start? When will Melvin take this team over?


It's just scary that our manager could find the Brewer's second best hitter (Grieve) not good enough to start on a team with the 15th ranked offense in the national league. It's insane.

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Down 5-3, why do I feel that the game is over? Kudos to the crew for fighting back , but I just do not have a good feeling about this game.


Anyway, it is time for Pods to ride the pine. Put Clark in center, Greive in right, and start Branyon.

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Unearned??? Come on, you know that errors are the biggest joke of any stat in baseball. Since Pod's was SO aweful at trying to run down that ball, he couldn't even get a glove on it. As a result it's obviously not an error.


It's Sheet's fault for the 2 runs. Sheets gets no run support AND aweful defense!! Yipee for him.

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