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Good Fantasy Football Team Name

T B0NE 10

Hey I'm looking for a good team name for my team this year. I have some ideas for a team name. I like the movies Anchorman and Borat alot. Maybe it could have something to do with that. I have some ideas dont be afraid to tell me if they are dumb.


Here are some of the things I thought of


The Channel 4 News Team

Brick Tamland's Lamplovers

I love Lamp

I Love Scotch

Team Kazakhstan


Any other good team names you guys have?

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I went with Najeh's Closet, because I am a Bears fan and that story is hilarious. Not as effective now that he is a Steeler though. Other thoughts include Tank's Bunker, Pac Man's Singles, The Love Boat (for Vikings fans). Just keep your eye on NFL news, and a good name will reveal itself in due time.
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I usually go with the fighting donkeys (from Steve Czaben's sports on the hog in milwaukee). I am always looking for something creative though, but i wouldn't feel right about using the vick angle. I was thinking doing the Milwaukee Bonecrushers, since noone from my league is from Milwaukee.
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I went with "Turds" as the name of my fantasy baseball team this year. Unfortunately for the rest of the guys in the league I've been in first place for the majority of the season so far (thanks in part to RyBraun). I just think that it must be disheartening to see a team named "Turds" on top of the standings day after day.
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Everyone always trashes all of the other picks in my leauge so I usually use "Lucky Pick" or "Blind Luck". RonMexico'sdogkennel is trashy but funny. You could also use "Ron Mexico - Professional VD merchant" or something like that http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif
@BrewCrewCritic on Twitter "Racing Sausages" - "Huh?"
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Some "Anchorman" ideas":



Milk Was A Bad Choice

I Want To Be On You

Afternoon Delight

Panda Watch!

The Party With The Pants

Bigfoot's ----

I Miss Your Musk

London Gentleman

Ron Burgundy's Emmy Tape

Smelly Pirate Hookers

Dirty Whorish Mouth

Poop Mouth

I Want To Be On You

Leather Bound Books

Deep Burn

The Whale's Vagina

Ovary Punch

Dorothy Mantooth's Saints

---- McGee

Katow-jo Is My Cousin

The Octagon

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