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08/31/2007: Pirates (Armas) at Brewers (Gallardo), 7:05 PM


Let's get August the heck in the rear view mirror!


wOOgiE, I hope one crappy finish last night won't put you in hiding for another month. We still like your IGT graphics best.


Here's the Brewers' starting lineup, as posted in the non-Brewers IGT:


2B Weeks

RF Gross

3B Braun

1B Fielder

CF Hart

LF Jenkins

C Estrada

SS Hardy

P Gallardo


Curse those scurvy cur Pirates!

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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I like that lineup. I can't believe Im actually happy seeing a lineup that does not include Bill Hall, but he has struggled so bad. Hart in the 5 hole is a good thing.


So Im watching the FSN Baseball Report before Brewers Live and wow, Im liking Charissa Thompson. Yum.

Formerly BrewCrewIn2004



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Click here for some August 31 Brewers-over-Pirates mojo. http://static.yuku.com//domainskins/bypass/img/smileys/smile.gif


I will never forget that game. I was working at Best Buy at the time at work with my buddy Justin another die hard Brewer fan and we were not really working because we were just hanging by the XM Radio display listening to the game and when we heard Uecker make that call it was amazing. We were practically running around the store slapping hands with anyone. It was awesome.

Formerly BrewCrewIn2004



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Dear Yovanni,


We have you only for a few more starts this season, so please display your awesomeness on the mound tonight. Thanks and remember: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Stay safe.


Hugs and kisses,



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