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what is your favorite quote?

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Mine is my signature.
"His whole life is a fantasy camp. People should plunk down $2000 to live like him for a week. Sleep, do nothing, fall ass-backwards into money, mooch food off your neighbors and have sex without dating... THAT'S a fantasy camp."
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"It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside -- whether you're white...or black...or sasquatch even. As long as you follow your dream, no matter how crazy or against the law it is -- except for sasquatch. If you're sasquatch the rules are different."
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Cartman: Butters, you've gotta learn to chill. Life goes by pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, and do whatever you want all the time, you could miss it.

Butters: Yeah, well, I guess that's kinda true.

Cartman: [stops in his tracks] Uh oh. [sees the police at the Pioneer Village entrance.] Crap, they called the cops on us.




What, did you think Shaq made all his money in Orlando?

No, he made it in college. Everyone knows that.

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"For the moment, the jazz is playing; there is no melody, just notes, a myriad tiny tremors. The notes know no rest, an inflexible order gives birth to them then destroys them, without ever leaving them the chance to recuperate and exist for themselves.... I would like to hole them back, but I know that, if I succeeded in stooping one, there would only remain in may hand a corrupt and languishing sound. I must accept their death; I must even want that death: I know of few more bitter or intense impressions."

-Jean-Paul Sartre


And to show that Sartre actually knew a thing or two about jazz....


I'm very glad to have met you. I like your playing very much.

~ Charlie Parker to Jean-Paul Sartre

If I had Braun's pee in my fridge I'd tell everybody.


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