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What websites do you peruse for deals?


I've got a few sites that I check randomly for deals that are just too good to pass up. There are plenty of these sites that list deals, and I'm sure I don't know all of the good ones.


Here are the ones I do check:


fatwallet.com - Great site with forums for Hot Deals, Free Stuff and a very useful financial forum as well.

slickdeals.net - Another great site that lists their deals on the front page, also has forums but I don't check them as much as fatwallet.

cheapstingybargains.com - Always loaded with great deals on Dell computers, also have deals for TVs, digital cameras, etc


In addition to these sites, you can also check froogle.com, a google project. Type in the make and model of what you are looking for and it will find the best deal online for you. There is also pricewatch.com, which has more of a computer/tech edge to it, but does the same thing as froogle.


Of course there is always woot.com as well.



What sites would you recommend for someone looking for great deals online?


edit: I would be remiss if I didn't mention newegg.com, who has earned the right to get my business even if they are a few dollars more than the competitor. They have unbelievable customer service and the fastest shipping I have ever come across. They are based in California, and when I lived in Milwaukee I would get what I ordered from them within 2 days the vast majority of the time, when I only ordered ground shipment. Now that I live in Vegas I get everything the very next day, even with just ground shipping. While at times they are a little more expensive, they are always very competitive and you may even find the best deal at newegg. I would recommend them to anyone looking for computer parts.

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