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03/02/07 - Brewers (Villanueva) @ Giants (Cain) : 2:05 PM CT

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I'd say it will depend on Braun. If they decide that Braun needs to be in AAA, then Rottino has a very good chance of making the club.


I really don't see Braun as a factor in the Rottino decision.


Candidates for the Brewers' Bench (in order of likelihood to make the 25-man, IMO)





Mench (or Jenkins against LHP)


Gross (still has an option, IIRC)




Either Braun starts, or Graffanino moves off the bench until / unless Koskie is healthy, and Braun is in the minors. Koskie / Braun could take up an extra roster spot, but Vinny has a decent shot to make the squad as a 3rd infielder.


IMO, it comes down to:

- whether the Brewers carry 12 pitchers (rather than 11),

- whether the Brewers are forced to carry extra outfielder(s), and

- whether someone comes out of nowhere to take the final spot on the 25-man roster.

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Here's what irks me so much about just ridiculous calls like that. For the scorekeeper, it's just showing a little respect for a veteran hall-of-famer. How about for the pitcher who gives up multiple earned runs that inning because of a call that was obviously wrong, and ends up with a 5.00 ERA for spring training instead of 3.50 because of it? I'm not sure whether the team is going to go back and take into consideration what happened in the first spring training game and a bogus call, but if they don't, for someone who might be borderline to make a rotation or bullpen, stats can be skewed badly against someone, and that's not right.
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Is throwing from 3rd to 1st THAT much different than from SS to 1st? I mean, sure, its a little longer, but you would think throwing wouldn't be the biggest problem. I would think it would be the balls coming way quicker. I don't know.
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