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5/5/06 Brewers (Capuano) @ Dodgers (Lowe), 9:40 PM CST


Chris Capuano (4-2, 2.36)


Brewers' starter Chris Capuano tossed his first career shutout Sunday, improving to 4-2 in Milwaukee's 9-0 victory over Chicago; Capuano allowed just five hits with no walks and six strikeouts in a 91-pitch gem -- from Mobile ESPN




Derek Lowe (1-1, 3.16)


Lowe had his fifth straight solid outing Sunday, pitching six scoreless innings against the Padres, only to watch Lance Carter and the rest of the bullpen give away a 5-0 lead in the ninth to lose in 10 innings -- ROTOWIRE



Game Preview:




Media Coverage:

TV: FSN North

Radio: 620 WTMJ

Internet: MLB.com Gameday, ESPN.com GameCast




Chris Capuano vs. Dodgers Hitters

Derek Lowe vs. Brewers Hitters



Dodgers Fan Site:


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When I worked nights I loved these west coast games because I could always catch at least some of it. Now that I'm on day shift (and work the weekend) I'll be out by 10:30 and will miss the end. Kind of like when I was a kid and I had to ask my dad in the morning if the Brewers won.
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Hopefully tonight will be a good night of Brewers baseball. We've got Ueck on Leno tonight, and a game against the Dodgers. I wouldn't be surprised to see Hall in center tonight, considering the way Clark made contact yesterday. Yost will want Rickie leading off (considering how well he's been doing there the last few games), and JJ had an offday yesterday. Plus, Lowe is a righty, so Koskie will likely start, thus Hall might be put in center tonight. Hope to see Jenkins keep raking, and Cappy keep dealing.
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Can't say I'm overly confident about this game. Not only do we usually tend to struggle on WC road trips, but we never seem to do well against sinkerballers like Lowe.


Hopefully we can get another gem out of Cappy, cuz I feel this is going to be one of those 3-2, 4-3 type nailbiters.

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And That, the dodgerblues message board is insane. Some pretty "colorful" posters on there. I'm sure there is some really good baseball discussion in there somewhere; I just couldn't make it very far into any of those threads. If you are at all offended by any swearing or just nasty, innappropriate language in general, do not go there. And as far as the moderators, let's just say that the brewerfan moderators take a little bit of a different angle when dealing with posters.
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If you are at all offended by any swearing or just nasty, innappropriate language in general, do not go there.


Or Los Angeles in general. Last time I went to see a game in Dodger stadium, Carlos Lee had hit a grand salami within the first inning, and I got called a number of nasty things just for being a Brewers fan. Dodgers fans are frustrated and rightfully so. Alas, they're disrespectful because of it. The Dodgers organization is a shell of its glory days self.

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No offense, but as far as I've seen you're the only one who has disputed that he is our ace.


That's alright Stevo...no offense taken. I'm going to stand by my stance throughout the year (that's why I used the word DISPUTED). Until he proves me wrong, I'll believe I'm right and his ultimate success would bode well for the team's sake.

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Where on DodgerBlues do they talk about baseball? IM having a hard time finding that section.


Although I think the fact that their trade discussion forum is called "Pedro for Delino" is hilarious

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