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09/23/2004 - Brewers (Hendrickson) vs. Cardinals (Haren)


Okay, since nobody got this going and we're 5 mins from gametime, I need to add it. I've never been able to format things here, so I'll link to the lineups:



Kind of a funky lineup, but it's a day game and the end of a series. Going with some speed out there. Although I'd have put Krynzel 8th rather than Moeller.

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nice start from Ben, 13 pitches in the first, 9 for strikes, and 1-2-3.

The Cards don't have Pujols and Rolen out there, but with Edmonds, Walker, and Renteria, you could say this is their B lineup, which is still outstanding

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Good line for Hendrickson. It's a shame he won't get the W. I think the days of a 7.00plus ERA are over for him.
"Dustin Pedroia doesn't have the strength or bat speed to hit major-league pitching consistently, and he has no power......He probably has a future as a backup infielder if he can stop rolling over to third base and shortstop." Keith Law, 2006
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Anyone notice who have been the best second half hitters for the Brew Crew? None other than Brady Clark at .303 and Gary Bennett at .291. That just about says it all. Yuck. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/eyes.gif


BTW, Jenkins was third at .286. No one else above .265.

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I was at today's game and I was really impressed with Ben. He has made a lot of adjustments since he first came up, although it helps when you're better stuff is working for you, which it was today. Most importantly, he seems to have a lot more confidence on the mound, like he knows he deserves to be a big leaguer. He looked completely different out there today than he did 6-7 starts ago.
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I would guess almost all Jenkins HR's have been solo and mostly meaningless. When ever someone is on base you can usually count on the roller to second baseman.


Just because it's something that can be researched....


Jenkins' 2004 Splits


None on: 18 HR (will be 19 after today's game).

Runner on 1b: 2 HR

on 2b: 1 HR

on 3b: 0 HR

1b & 2b: 2 HR

1b & 3b: 1 HR

2b & 3b: 0 HR

Bases Loaded: 0 HR


Brewers record in 2004 when Jenkins homers: 11-14

Jenkins HRs in games won / lost by 3 or fewer runs: 16

...by 2 or fewer runs: 12

...in 1 run games: 7



Season line: .265 BA / .326 OBP / .466 Slg. / .792 OPS

Runners on: .270 / .342 / .418 / .760

RISP: .239 / .333 / .405 / .738


Draw your own conclusions.

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So if Jenkins played on a team that had alot of baserunners, I guess he would automatically become the most clutch guy ever? By virtue of being on a crappy team he won't see as many multi-run HR as the next guy.


Is Pods anti-clutch too? Or is he clutch, like last year?

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