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hey all, well, I was advised to eliminate all obvious references to myself on the web as part of my new job (teacher), so I'm considering shifting the username away from it's long-held version. Here's some thoughts that say a little less about myself...any thoughts? Or should I just not care that the kids will be able to google my name and figure out that I'm very active on this site? Brad or others...any thoughts?



-Jose Mieses lives on

-PoeMiesesNeugyGoldGarcia (aka, the supposed 2006 rotation, in my mind at least)

-Nash Wynn backcourt (Santa Clara University starting backcourt featured Randy Wynn and Steve Nash together)

-man of leisure

-honky tonk (less clear reference to my last name)

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I work as a counselor and we're pretty much told the same thing--keep your identity to yourself as much as possible on the internet. The reality is though if someone really wants to track you down on the internet, they probably could do it anyway.


I like man of leisure if you're going to change. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

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How about






UnofficialSpringTrainingBrewerLiaison - insert Fall League instead of spring training if desired


Donks - people would assume a reference to donkeys I guess.

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Unless the kids could find out some really personal information about you through this ezboard/yuku account, what is the potential problem? I would just stick with your current name. Maybe you could change your profile to reflect a fake real name (I mean where it asks you your name and stuff) and location so the kids don't think it's you if they do happen to stumble across this?


I mean, this isn't a dating site or anything, so I don't see the kids being able to entrap you like that, if that's what your administrators are worried about. And if they want to get on and talk baseball with you, what's wrong with that? The more the merrier and Brian has taken pains to keep this site suitable for all ages.

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Or should I just not care that the kids will be able to google my name and figure out that I'm very active on this site?
i wouldnt worry about it all that much. i taught the past three years and if you google my name, the first thing that comes up is my phone number. i guess it comes with coaching as well.


i actually had a couple kids asking if that was me on BF.net. i would just worry more about what you are posting.

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Honestly, DHonks, I think your privacy is well covered on this forum, even with the profile information you're currently making public. If you've ever posted your last name, I don't remember it. And if you actually decide you want your kids to know you post here, it's not like you're in here trolling or anything. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif You'd be teaching them some netiquette.


If you'd like to be more anonymous than you already are, you could simply edit your mini-profile block to hide more stuff. You'll see an edit button up by your username. You can choose who can view your personal information: no one (not even you), only me, my friends, or anybody.


I've heard that Yuku is considering adding 'best friends' to the list to offer yet another level. My favorite item on the privacy preferences (edit miniprofile) page is the real name field. The explanation says, "This can be your real name." In essence, Yuku is saying it's fine with them if you make one up.


At any rate, the only information that search engines will find in your profile is the stuff you choose to make completely public, or in other words, viewable for everybody.



EDIT: If you do opt for a new username, you can create another one under the same e-mail. Click on the navigation button at the top right. On the right hand side of what pops up, under create, hit the profile link. You can switch between your profiles very easily without logging out.

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