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Ok, I don't know if it opened today, but it was either today or yesterday.


The real question is how many leagues are you going to find yourself in?


I think I did 2 last year.... I'm already in the Buckyville one, and I'll probably do one on here.

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I would be in for a league. Preferably, of the non-fanatical type. I love checking the stats but I would like to get in with a group that is a bit more casual. (ie. jobs/family/time on the weekends/after work but not constant monitoring)

Same here. I prefer leagues without bench spots so that I don't need to update my roster each day.

If anyone starts a more casual one, I'd join. If no one gets one going though I guess I could start one too, provided people give input on what stats and stuff to use.
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I don't really have a preference between head-to-head or points only, maybe someone should just start one up so we can fill up the spots, then kind of decide as a group what we want to do stat category wise? Live draft too of course.


I have a pretty busy schedule the next few days but if someone gets one going my e-mail is jlau20@yahoo.com

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I had some time before night class just now so I threw one together just so we can get some people in and figure out what we want to do. It's head-to-head, and right now I have 9 stat categories and 25 lineup spots, no bench spots though so you won't have to worry about putting in new players each week.


I'm willing to change everything though based on what everyone wants, I just did it quick to get it going. If you want in...


Go to join a custom league on Yahoo...


League ID: 102277

Password: brewerfan

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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