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Beat the Mets!!!

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I was at Shea earlier this year when the Brewers made Oliver Perez look like Cy Young. Of course, his numbers this year are very good, so he's done it to more teams than just Milwaukee. Still, that game stands out in my mind as one of the ugliest, most lopsides losses of the year. Would be nice to avenge it tonight!
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There were several instances last night of me screaming at my stereo and threatening to turn the game off. So glad I didn't.


Way to go Geoff Jenkins, here's to this being the start of a tremendous late season hot streak.


Wouldn't it be eerie if the non-IGT win proved to be a pivotal point in the Brewers' season?

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Thank god wOOgies back, we can start a serious playoff run now! GOO WOOGIE!


I had tickets to the game last night, but I ended up catching some stomach bug and didn't make it to the game. Watched it till 10:30, then listened to it while I tried to get some sleep. About time Jenks starts to get hot!

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Although he did go 8 last time..


Which was the longest of the season, and also the first time he did go past 6IP in 2007.


As I said before, I'm hoping for 7 out of him, but realistically... 5+ or 6 is all they probably will get. Ugh.

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Claudio "I can't get past 6 IP" Vargas



Although he did go 8 last time..


This is an example of a tragic case of pre-mature nicknaming before the season progressed, similar to JJ "MVP" Hardy or Tony "Carew" Gwynn Jr.


Luckily Johnny "Noodle Arm" Estrada has worked out.

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This is an example of a tragic case of pre-mature nicknaming before the season progressed, similar to JJ "MVP" Hardy or Tony "Carew" Gwynn Jr.


Premature? Vargas' career body of work speaks for itself.


Last year, even if we're generous and round Vargas to 30 starts (rather than 31 appearances/30 starts) and keep his IP the same, he's still averaging under 5.2 IP. Deepest he went was 7 IP.


2005, with AZ (after being traded from WAS, where he was averaging a Hendrickson-esque 3 IP/start), Vargas averaged between 5.2 and 6 IP. Deepest he went was 7.1 IP.


Point is, Vargas is what he is: a 5-6 IP/start guy. And with the way the bullpen had to be used last night, today could be... interesting.

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Fielder and Hardy combined for three home runs in the month of July. Yikes. Here's to a modest goal of doubling that total for August.



So you think Fielder is going to hit 6 HRs in August?


I'll eat my hat if JJ gets to 20 this year.

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In-game thread? This concept is foreign to me. Please explain.



It's one of two threads in which fans complain about anything and everything that goes wrong with the team. Oh, and sometimes they talk about strategy or just post "BRAUN!".

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