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7/27/07: Brewers (Vargas) @ Cardinals (Maroth), 7:10 p.m. CT


RHP Claudio Vargas (8-2, 4.47) vs. LHP Mike Maroth (5-5, 5.82)


Starting for the Brewers, right hander Claudio Vargas is coming off one of his better performances of the season, giving up 3 runs in 6 innings of work while receiving a win.


Starting for the Cardinals, left hander Mike Maroth is coming off of a dismal performance in which the Atlanta Braves hung 10 runs on him in 5 innings. Maroth's previous start wasn't much better, as he gave up 8 runs (6 earned) in 5 innings.


Hey, Maroth is left handed. Sweet. Mike, meet Ryan Braun.



Be a go getta, Ryan!


Feel free to lock this if Woogie makes a thread. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

"When a piano falls on Yadier Molina get back to me, four letter." - Me, upon reading a ESPN update referencing the 'injury-plagued Cardinals'
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[ well it has to balfour. There is no other option. ]


Maybe they'll go with the 14-man pitching staff http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif


Yeah, I'm sure it'll be Balfour, unless they feel like they're in a position to trade another reliever or something.


It would have been nice to get Balfour in some lower pressure situations, but I suppose the Brewers aren't in position to churn out any more nuggets by being patient.

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Brewer Fanatic Contributor

Yeah, I'm sure it'll be Balfour, unless they feel like they're in a position to trade another reliever or something.


Ok, I need some clarification.


Did Linebrink get added to the 25 man roster immediately upon the completion of the trade? That doesn't appear to be the case, since a roster move wasn't made yesterday before the game.


If he doesn't need to get added until he reports to the Brewers, then I think when he reports will depend upon when Balfour is DFA'd.


If Linebrink isn't to report until after the completion of Saturday's first game with St. Louis, and if Parra starts the 12:00 game, I think it's possible that Parra will be optioned to Nashville after that game and Linebrink will be added to the roster- especially if the Brewers intend to go back to a 12-man staff after the Cards series.


The advantage to waiting until after the Cards series to DFA Balfour and recall Gross is that Balfour will be available to pitch Saturday night or Sunday if necessary, whereas Parra won't be available.


Of course, this is all moot if I missed Linebrink reporting, or if you have to add the player within so many days/hours of the completion of the transaction regardless of whether or not he has reported to the team yet.



"I guess underrated pitchers with bad goatees are the new market inefficiency." -- SRB

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Balfour was recalled to Triple-A Nashville Friday, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports.


Fantasy Spin: His roster spot was replaced by Scott Linebrink, who joined the team in St. Louis on Friday. Balfour is certainly better than his 20.25 ERA he posted in three appearances for the Brewers, and may return as a September call up.

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I thought Annie's thing was red curly hair.


I was tempted to use splitter's Cubs-magnets comment in my signature, but I'm just as pleased to see it in zzz's.


Hey, Brewers, I want to be able to say by the end of the night, "Why couldn't you have done that in Game 7 in 1982?"


(and 19, have a great time)

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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My plan was going to be to skip this series in a need to preserve my sanity. After seeing the "bless the Brewers" thread and the unbridled optimism of the beginning of this in-game thread, I am now mentally prepared for this one. Brewers 3 - 1 Cardinals (including a sweep of the DH tomorrow.)
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