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6/29/07 Brewers (Gallardo) @ Cubs (Hill): 1:20 PM CDT



















































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Beat the Cubs!!

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Should be a good game and a great series. I'm kinda hoping we take 2/3 but a sweep will do just fine too.


It would be nice if YoGa goes in there and just humiliate them, setting the stage for the next couple days.


Regardless of the outcome, there's still plenty of season left. I think Cubs fans are a bit more excited for this one than we are, as they think they're on equal grounds now that they've won 7 of 10 (although we've won 8 of 10) and are within a game of .500 (somewhere we haven't been below all year) so setting them straight (the Cubs are 2 levels below the Brewers) would be fun indeed.

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hat could be one of the funniest pictures I have ever seen. It is now my wallpaper THANK YOU




I can't contribute much since I'm still learning the game of baseball (mostly from the members of this awesome forum) but at least I can photoshop some pictures every now and then :-)

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This series is a lot more important to the Cubs than it is the Brewers. The Cubs basically need to sweep the Brewers to make any significant headway on the division race. I'd love YO! to take this first game, since it means the Cubs couldn't be any closer than 6.5 games back by the end of the series. It would also been Big Ben could sew up the series win on Saturday.
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Great post Rluz. The pressure is on the Cubs, they have the sweep to even make this division race close. If we sweep or take 2 of 3 thing will be looking mighty good here in Milwaukee. And with Yo and Ben starting the series off I feel very good about that.

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I agree Russ, even though their confidence may be up by taking 2 of 3, they are still then 6.5 back. A sweep either way would mean alot to either team, but of course the cubs more. If we can sweep, a 10.5 game lead at mid-season would be big, though not insurmountable..
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Just win at least one game, I have modest goals. In the bif picture, the Brewers need to maintain this gap through the All-Star break. If the Cubs narrow the lead to 4-5 games or less, they become buyers and that could make it interesting.
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Huge series v. the Cubs. I think Gallardo can solidify himself as a perrenial starter with a strong start and maybe Bush will be permanatley moved to the bully. Sidenote, if any of you are on facebook, please check out this Prince Fielder group. It's the fastest growing group out there and I might need some help keeping it up to date. Thanks.



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My dislike of the Cubs has grown to such epic proportions that I will be highly disappointed with anything less than a sweep.


That being said, as long as the Crew wins 1 they are still in a good position.

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I am so fearfull of a sCrub sweep I'm willing to settle for 1. The only thing I hate worse than a sCrub win is sCrub fans celebrating the team.

The poster previously known as Robin19, now @RFCoder

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Well first off I'm annoyed that Fox is carrying a twins game this weekend! I get all excited to see them play and then I get hosed. On the plus side I won't see how absolutely overhyped they make Saturday's game. Since the Cubs need all the games so much more than the Brewers the TV guys will hype that to no end. Luckily the Brewers seem to have weather the storm of May and I feel they are well adjusted enough to handle even the unthinkable at the hands of the Cubs and move on realizing they'd still have a pretty solid lead.

I do think that as a practical matter though the Cubs are playing well enough that sweeping them will be nearly impossible even though it would be tremendous fun.

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Our splits against Hill are pretty ugly, but I hope we can go in there take this game behind Yo!
"When a piano falls on Yadier Molina get back to me, four letter." - Me, upon reading a ESPN update referencing the 'injury-plagued Cardinals'
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