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4/30/08 Brewers (Suppan) at Cubs (Dempster): 7:05 PM CDT









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Looks like Gagne rakes against Dempster to the tune of a .500 average, can we find anywhere in the field for him to play tommorow? :D


Just have to hope that Gagne's name gets pulled out of Ned's hat.
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woogie, just wanted to point out that you still have gross in the brewer hitting stats. maybe you know that and you are including him because he did gets ABs for the brewers this year, i dunno. but i just thought i would bring it to your attention, in case you did want to remove him. either way, great job as always, thanks, and keep up the good work!!!
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Man, Dempster averages more than one walk for every two innings throughout his career. Somehow I have a feeling that will lead to the following scenario:


Top 1st: Rickie Weeks BB. Mike Cameron BB. Ryan Braun thinking "Oh my god runners on base! Must swing!" Either strikeout or groundout. Has he always had this awful of plate discipline? Didn't someone pick up on this in like high school and tell him to be more patient?

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I can't say for sure, but I would think the game will be blacked out on ESPN in WI. I know for the season opener at Wrigley the game was scheduled to be on ESPN2 and it was blacked out. I hope I am wrong.


Anyone know what Hoppin' Alfonso's status is for this series? I know he is eligible to come off the DL on thurs, but I am assuming he will be making a few rehab starts after that?


EDIT: Nevermind - I just read that Soriano will remain the leadoff batter for the cubs when he returns tomorrow. WOW, Brian Anderson really has no clue what he is talking about. He was just saying last night that we were fortunate that we won't see Soriano in this series. I thought maybe he knew something I didn't - I should know better.

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Dear Brewers,


I shall only be able to watch 1 hour of the game before soccer tonight. Please don't make me tired, and bitter at a loss to the dumb cubbies.


Lovingly Yours,




PS - Dempsters on my Fantasy Team, I'm in last place so feel free to crush him and ensure I end up in last place.

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i am worried that all of my bold predictions could still come true (15+ runs in the series, only winning 1/3 games, 2 brewers homering in the same inning)


as far as which game do we have the best chance of winning, i say tonights by far. if the brewers win tonight, i dont think we sweep them. if the cubs win tonight, their momentum will probably carry over to a win tomorrow as well. i think either way, tomorrow is a loss, so i really hope we win tonight...

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The combination of Soup's groundball tendencies, the new fast Wrigley field infield, and our defense doesn't bode well.


On the other hand, the presence of Ryan "Dumpster" Dempster on the mound for the Cubs does not bode well for them either.


Maybe the Cubs and Brewers can agree to skip this game completely and make tomorrow's game count double?

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My thoughts are (and this is kind of cheating) but we will find out real early our chances tonight. If Soup's command is there he will keep us in the game and then some; if not I think we almost certainly lose. Dempster has been tough on us and tough so far this season in general.


Personally, I like our chances better tomorow. I always feel confident in YO and I have never felt that Zambrano is unbeatable. We have probably fared as well against him as anyone (just off the top of my head)

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woogie, just wanted to point out that you still have gross in the brewer hitting stats.
yup, i did that on purpose because otherwise the total hitting stats would not be accurate. basically anyone who gets an AB for the brewers will stay in the hitting stats all year even if their traded. thanks for noticing that...... i do these quickly, so if you see anything else abnormal just give me a holler!
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