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4/25/07 Brewers (Sheets) @ Cubs (Lilly): 1:20 PM CDT



























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Beat the Cubs!

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I love that you get the new threads up so fast Woogie. Great job


Also interesting to read on brewers.com that Hart was unavailable on Monday night. Like I always say, nearly every time I question a move of Ned's with the bullpen or pinch hitting, I later read that there was a very good reason for it. Once again, the trend continues.

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WOOGIE FOR PRESIDENT!! Hopefully Big Ben can take this one over, and Edge out Lilly. I have a feeling the rains gonna win this one. Hows Inman doing?


So far, so good for Inman. After tonight, his ERA is at 1.19 with 29 K's and only 5 walks. I anticipate him wearing a Huntsville uniform very soon.

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Like I always say, nearly every time I question a move of Ned's with the bullpen or pinch hitting, I later read that there was a very good reason for it.


Man, am I up and down on Yost. I was pissed the other night during the Aquino blow up, but Ennder talked me down and some other recent moves now have me thinking Yost is doing a really good job so far.

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The Cubs radio broadcast made it sound like the game should be played tomorrow.


Also, I would expect Sheets to try with Lee what he has with Pujols. He will likely throw some changeups early in the count, so he cannot try to hammer them before Sheets gets in a curveball count.


Also, did anyone ever hear what pitches Ben was throwing in his last start. That mystery 90 pitch still baffles me. Every fastball was moving 94-96. His curve and changeup sit in the 81-85 mph range. But what was he throwing 90? It dove down and in to righties. At first I thought it was a changeup with a faulty radar reading. But he had several of them, including one that he struck a righty out looking with. Is this a two seamer? Last year Maddux tried teaching him a cutter, but that would move the opposite way. Was it something like a forkball?

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I'd rather Sheets just pitch on normal rest. I'd also like an 8 inning start from Sheets that results in a blow out. It would be nice to rest almost the entire bullpen for 2 days. They need it.


I'd also like to sweep the Cubs!

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Well, the Brewers certainly have momentum right now, so it would be nice to not have the schedule interrupted again.


Plus check out Graffanino v. Lilly in the splits. How often does that happen? http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif


I brought one of our Brewers umbrellas to work today, so rainout or no, I'm showing my team love.

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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Being in aviation prior to law, I always go off radar day of. The parts over Chicago seem to be moving off and the parts to the west seem stalled. I think the game gets played, with occasional light spitty stuff like the late innings of last night.


TheBwaz's forecast is for game on. Just leave the s_____ suits at home lads.

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Not sure if anyone heard Cappy on Bob&Brian this morning, but at least he is under the impression that there should be a couple of hours (between 2-5) that the game could be squeezed in.


Here's to taking the lead early, having the game called in the 6th, saving our bullpen.

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