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6/17/08 Bluejays (McGowan) at Brewers (Parra): 7:05 PM CDT











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At least the Brewers miss facing Halladay. Unfortunately it's still McGowan-Marcum-Burnett.

Curious how a team with a rotation featuring Doc-Burnett-Mcgowan-Marcum is under .500?

They're 25th and runs and 28th in home runs, pitching isn't everthing.

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You know it is little league night so I believe the kids will catch on with the OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cheer pretty soon. Missing Halladay and Listsch with their great breaking balls is huge. Overbay sat Sunday vs a lefty but I imagine he'll be in tonight. Not playing great but his .367 obp is better than every starter on the Crew except Prince and much higher than our team .321 obp. Wells was hurt a long time and came back on fire so watch out tonight vs a lefty. Toronto has great pitching, some patient hitting three ex-Brewers in Stairs. O and Mench which will be interesting seeing if he gets booooooed then Overbay following gets cheered.
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Braun is within striking distance of a starting OF spot in the All-Star game. He'd probably make it as a reserve, but help reward Ryan for a great season so far, and also for sticking around for the long haul. Also, it would be a great selling point to future free agents that small market Milwaukee has passionate enough fans to back their stars enough to have starters for two consecutive years.


It takes less than 10 minutes to submit all 25 of your votes, and you can do it while watching the game. We can make a difference!

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Here's the lineup:


SS Craig Counsell

2B Joe Dillon

LF Ryan Braun

1B Prince Fielder

RF Corey Hart

3B Russell Branyan

CF Mike Cameron

C Jason Kendall

LHP Manny Parra




If someone could explain to me why chopper to 2nd base is in the leadoff spot, please do so...

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Toronto is a decent, but not great, team (like the Twins).


At least Toronto has a positive run differential (+19). In contrast, the Twins have been outscored by 30 runs so far this season. Preseason projections also had Toronto winning about 10 more games than the Twins (85 wins vs. 75 wins).


Even with home field advantage, this series could go either way. Calling this a must win series is setting yourself up for about a 50% chance of being very disappointed.

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Calling this a must win series is setting yourself up for about a 50% chance of being very disappointed.


I'm already disappointed, so what's another helping. Now I have to go clean up after the mess I made when I saw tonight's lineup. Enjoy the "game."

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I checked the Baseball Prospectus playoff odds after this lineup was released. The Brewers odds fell to 0.00% and there was an additional statement on the website that said "no team that has to resort to batting Craig Counsell (circa 2008) in the lead off spot has any chance of making the playoffs."
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Anyone who does not cheer Stairs, I hate you. How can you not love Matt Stairs.

I actually gave this some thought - and I agree, Stairs is a guy who is very likeable...

But really, name me a player who has done more with less than Stairs? This guy has actually quietly carved out a pretty nice career for himself - won fans over with his ability to "look like one of us" and has made a nice little living and secured a great future for his family...


Well done, Matt Stairs... you make mediocre look good...

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