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5/13/06 Mets (Gonzalez) @ Brewers (Eveland), 6:05 PM CST


Dana Eveland (0-0, ----) first start of season


Eveland is making his first start of the season for Milwaukee tonight. For AAA Nashville Eveland composed a 0.75 ERA in 33 innings pitched, while striking out 33 and walking 7




Jeremi Gonzalez (0-0, ----) first start of season


Jeremi Gonzalez will make his first start of the season for the New York Mets. Gonzalez has pitched over 100 innings in his Major League career with a 4.84 ERA. He has never faced the Milwaukee Brewers



Game Preview:



Media Coverage:


Radio: 620 WTMJ

Internet: MLB.com Gameday, ESPN.com GameCast



Dana Eveland vs. New York Hitters

Jeremi Gonzalez vs. Milwaukee Hitters

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I would just like to voice my frustration that tonight's game won't be on FSN North. Sellout crowd, Eveland making his first start of the year after dominating AAA for a month, and coming off a pretty cool victory last night. I would have really liked to have seen this game.


It'll be interesting to see what Eveland has for us tonight. He wasn't very impressive when he was called up last year. He also wasn't very good in spring training. So his spectacular start in AAA has sort of caught me off guard and I'm really interested to see how he does tonight especially in front of a huge crowd. By the way, Dana is still only 22 years old.

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Frustration is not enough, I'm pissed. Why would there be no television on a Saturday night game which also coinsides with a bobblehead giveaway--a certain sellout? It's just stupid and unfair. They badly need a new deal with Fox and they need to put games back on free TV.


Venting over: I look forward to a seeing the ROY contest begin, Fielder vs. Eveland.

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Oof. Talk about a black cloud hanging over the team. A rookie pitcher making his debut against us, and a huge crowd. We're dust.

Tonight would be a great time to change the pattern though....


Have fun at the game Laura and all else. Apparently those of us going bobble-less for the evening gotta listen to the game on the radio which, is ot a bad thing.

-I used to have a neat-o signature, but it got erased.
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Carlos Lee is 1-6 with a double and Damian Miller is 1-2 with a single against Jeremi Gonzalez. No other Brewer has ever faced Gonzalez.


Tough assignment for Eveland making his first career start against the Mets. It's fortunate he's not going up against the Met's ace like Hendrickson had to with the Padres. Sure would be nice to see the Bats continue to heat up tonight.

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I think it'll be very important for our bats to score some runs in the first two innings. If eveland has a little bit of a lead, I think I have confidence in him http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/tongue.gif
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Bill Hall is in the line-up at SS tonite, again. This is the 3rd time this week Hardy's been out of the line-up. Yost must be giving him a few days off to hopefully get him going like he did early last season.
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New York Mets

J. Reyes, SS

P. Lo Duca, C

C. Beltran, CF

C. Delgado, 1B

D. Wright, 3B

X. Nady, RF

C. Woodward, 2B

J. Valentin, LF

J. Gonzalez, P


Milwaukee Brewers

R. Weeks, 2B

B. Hall, SS

G. Jenkins, RF

C. Lee, LF

P. Fielder, 1B

C. Koskie, 3B

D. Miller, C

B. Clark, CF

D. Eveland, P

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I'd really like to be watching this game on TV since (obviously) I'm not there.


I don't think general parking has ever been full even on an opening day. And there are plenty of people that just go to the home openers just to tailgate.

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Ok, if anyone is watching MLB.TV, how freaking anyone are those kids in the background?


Very. They won't last the whole game though. On a side note, where are their parents? They seem to be sitting alone.


Good first inning for Eveland. He looks in much better physical shape.

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