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Can't miss live performers.


Based off of my post on the great week I experienced in live music, I was wondering what are in your opinions the acts you can't miss when they come to town.

Here is my list (in no particular order):


John Fogerty

Phil Vassar

Keith Urban

Ted Nugent

George Thorogood

Weird Al Yankovic (no, I'm not kidding)

Bret Michaels/Poison

George Strait

John Mellencamp

Dierks Bentley



(added tag --1992)

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For straight theatrics you cant beat GWAR, very entertaining stage show. Insane Clown Posse has a nice stage show. Ramstein is good too, you cant beat seeing the lead signer light himself on fire to start the show. Slipknot is good too, but there is a lot going on that it is hard to concentrait.


For just sitting back and relaxing, i saw Hootie and The Blowfish in St. Louis at a 4th of July festival, they were pretty good.

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I can agree with:


Weird Al (surprisingly, he's very engaging)

John Mellencamp (seen him 4 times live - an incredible stage presence)


And allow me to add:

Rod Stewart (even though South Park had him rolling out in a wheelchair, he really puts on a great show)

Paul McCartney (yes, expensive. But you do get your money's worth).

Sting (Also expensive, but also very worth it)

Nine Inch Nails (Unbelievable. That's the only word to describe it)

Alicia Keys (Surprisingly extremely charismatic on-stage)

The Eagles (now that they're not as uptight, they're probably one of the top acts out there)


I'm sure I'll think of more, but for now those pop into my head.

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This is really hard to qualify, I find any large band in an intimate setting (Like Pre-tour club tours) are awesome. So, Tool, NIN, QOTSA, APC are all fantastic in small clubs.


And a strange one.. Mogwai, even though it's "Post Rock" I still found their presence really engaging.

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NIN is amazing, although I prefer the spectacle of their arena shows with the really cool lights and ambiance Trent sets with his shows.


The one band I love but that are terrible live is Sevendust. Lajon smokes during his performance and because of it seems to struggle holding notes and sounds raspy during the shows. It sucks because he has a great voice but smoking during a concert is a surefire way to kill your sound.



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Wierd Al is coming to my neck of the woods next week & I debated about going. I think I might give it a try. Would my 11 year old son be to young to attend? He loves some of his songs(anything Star Wars realated). Ted Neugent will also be here.


The best live performance I had ever seen is Garth Brooks.

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Despite its decline in "popularity" over the last few years, Pearl Jam is still the best live act for my money.


They almost always play 2 hour shows (if not longer); the setlist changes drastically every night; every song is tight - they are expert musicians; Mike McCready is one of the top five guitarists touring today; and say what you want about Eddie Vedder, but the guy is a great frontman...


Still haven't gotten to see my other favorite band, the Drive By Truckers, live - but all accounts are that they tear it up...


I'm not a "Lenny Kravitz fan" but I remember being quite impressed when I saw him 10 years ago or so.


I had the GWAR experience, compounded by the fact that the Insane Clown Posse opened up for them. Wow - it goes under the "something everyone should see once just for the novelty of it" file...

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Saw the Fogerty/Mellencamp show at Summerfest a few years back, and Fogerty absolutely blew Mellencamp out of the water. Fogerty put on an awesome show, while Mellencamp seemed to be just going through the motions (no encore or anything). This is coming from a big Mellencamp fan. I had seen Mellencamp before and he always put on great shows so I was disappointed.
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Going to see Interpol on Monday at the Rave


Of Montreal and TV On the Radio put on very good shows


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and The Shout Out Louds, also


very good shows if you like low budget indie bands with tons


of energy.

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Is Andrew WK really that awesome in concert? Apparently on 7/7/07, he was participating in a concert in New York with 77 drummers that was supposedly the sweetest and most amazing concert ever witnessed by some (not me, unfortunately).


I've always wanted to see Andrew WK (and Girl Talk, too...).

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