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best license plates


I got this idea from Pitchleague's post...but what are some of the best plates you've seen on the road?


my mini van has VANARKY on it...other ones I've seen and liked are






any that you guys remember that stick out?

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By far the best I have ever seen with my own eyes was GOTMILF. He was involved in a traffic accident on Monona Drive.


I wanted K PASA for mine, but that was taken. I had to settle for QUE PSA. I think I'm the only guy in the state with UW-Superior license plates.

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3M TA3 (think about looking at that in your rear view mirror).


I was thinking about getting Packer plates with SHVLPAS (shovel pass).


Anyone remember the show "Empty Nest" when the next door neighbor Charlie got vanity plates that represented how much he loved the sea, but it came out as "CLOVER?"

Gruber Lawffices
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