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Anyone remember Bob Sebra?


Does anyone remember Bob Sebra...He pitched one season for the Milwaukee Brewers and was an integral part of a brawl with the Seattle Mariners....


Sebra was suspended for his part in the brawl, but prior to receiving his suspension, he was sent to the minors....and since his suspension would have to be served when he was recalled....by the Brewers or any future organization...the suspension effectively ended his career since no team could afford to bring up a below average pitcher that had an 8 game suspension to serve before he could pitch.


During this all star break, I thought it would be interesting to tell his story as he was defending his teammates on that day in the brawl and it effectively ended his career as a major leaguer as it was the last major League game he ever pitched in.


June 30, 1990


Bob Sebra 0 IP, 2 H, 1 HBP, 1 Run, 1 HR, 3 batters Faced


I remember Sebra getting the suspension and wondering if he ever would get a chance in the big leagues again....kind of forgot about him and then I heard his name and did a little research to find out that the game on June 30, 1990 was his last game as a MLB Pitcher and he did it inciting a brawl in Seattle.

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Wow. That name's a blast from the past. You'll enjoy reading this:


June 30, 1990 - Battle Royale with the Brewers


By the way, I 'unambiguified' the thread title just a bit. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

That’s the only thing Chicago’s good for: to tell people where Wisconsin is.

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I do remember Sebra, and the incident in Seattle. Yes, he did come with Robinson in the deal with the Reds, Cincy got Braggs and Billy Bates.


That was it for Sebra, he had a rep as a headhunter long before he reached Milwaukee, then when he admitted throwing at someone...no one would touch him.

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I actually was at that game in 89 when the Spiers - Valle fight broke out. I believe it was only the 3rd brewer game i went to in my life. I thought that fight was so cool, being a 9 year old just getting into baseball.
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Seattle fan in-game passion generally consisted of the following:


A) Cheering when the scoreboard told them to

B) Supporting Mariner players that were nice and/or cute

C) Butchering the snapping portion whenever the Addams Family theme played over the PA system

D) Loudly and angrily screaming "balk!" whenever an opposing pitcher stepped off the mound




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I am glad to see that others remember Brewers players (not just the stars, but even those who only got a cup of coffee in the bigs)....If they put on a Brewers uniform, I was once their greatest fan and appreciated the effort they gave to the organization.


I sure would like to see the Brewerfan.net shirt if it featured Sebra.

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