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7/24 Astros (Villone) at Brewers (Sheets)


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I always wonder about the "Big Rig" Ron Villone. Some of his eras are absolutely brutal, but his career win loss (Playing on some bad teams too) is 35 wins 37 losses. Plus his career WHIP is a good 1.50. It seems those are pretty decent peripheral numbers for a guy who signs a minor league deal with a different team each year. I wouldn't mind him being my #5.
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I agree on the first out of the inning at 3rd, but then i look at osik and clayton coming up behind him... still tough to do for the first out of the inning. Whats up with sheets these last two starts? Its gotta be the beard.
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i guess Ned pull the strings right tonight.


(dee) again i believed it was not the right call but i give Brooks a job well Done.


Hey (Dee) think it time for Ginter to get some AB at the expense of Young


DEE my choices for co Closer Estrella and Kolb


and the my Humble opinion

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the other thing we agree on is just want the crew to win.


The Promblem don"t know if someteam wants EY.


it just been a long time rooting for this team over 30 years.Remember i was born and lived my whole life in NYC.


so it fun for me talking Brewer Baseball.All Opinions are welcomed by me


if your AOL look me up

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The one that springs to mind for me is 2b Pedro Garcia, 1974...in 141 games, 452 AB: .199 / .248 / .330. Of course, league OPS was only .691 then....his double play partner was Tim Johnson...in 1973 he hit .213 /.259 / .243 in 465 AB. Apparently a lingering effect of Viet Nam. Too bad Ray Oyler never played for the Brewers...his year with the Seattle Pilots he hit .165 or something. And then there's Ellie Rodriguez...


EDIT: Dumb typo...added info.


A buddy of mine had Strat-o-Matic cards from 74...boy were the Brewers awful then. Two of their starting OF were .220 hitters with little or no power...and Clyde Wright lost 20 games.

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What is the worst offensive performance, in the history of the Brewers, for a player with over 300 AB in a year?



2001: Henry Blanco, .210 ba, .290 obp, .634 ops (314 AB)

2000: Marquis Grissom, .244 ba, .288 obp, .640 ops (595 AB)

2003: Royce Clayton, .204 ba, .280 obp, .605 ops (329 AB)


The one that springs to mind for me is 2b Pedro Garcia


Holds the coveted Brewers rookie record for most doubles with 32 in 1973....the year prior to his sub-mendoza line performance

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Don't have the answer, but let's revisit some of our favorites.


Mike Matheny's 1996: .313 AB 204/.243/.342

Rob Deer's 1990: 440 AB .209/.313/.432

Greg Brock's 1988: 364 AB .212/.329/.310

Franklin Stubbs' 1991: 362 AB .213/.282/.359

Jose Valentin's 1995: 338 AB .219/.293/.402

Greg Vaughn's 1990: 382 AB .220/.280/.432

Sean Berry's 1999: 259 AB .228/.281/.301

Bill Spiers' 1993: 340 AB .238/.302/.303

Kevin Reimer's 1993: 437 AB 249/.303/.394

Jeffrey Hammonds' 2002: 448 AB .257/.332/.397


Ah, memories...


Edit: Should the third number be ops instead of slg? I think I am a statistical loser.

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