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04/14/04 Milwaukee (Obermueller) @ San Francisco (Franklin)


The Brewers look to avoid the series sweep as Obermueller takes the mound, against former Brewer Wayne Franklin.



Brewerfan.net / Statfox matchup info:



MLB.com game preview:



ESPN game preview:



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It's hard to call a game a "must win" this early in the season, but let's face it - If we don't win this game today, we may never see the sunny side of .500 the rest of the season. Especially with a four game set against Houston's staff on the horizon! At least we will miss out on Wade Miller.
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I agree madtown. In fact, I think every game this season is critical for the fragile morale of this team, moreso than ever. Yes, I know they have "winning personalities", but they are manically winning personalities and will be be manically depressive once they drop a few significant games in a row, no matter how early it is.


I have this feeling that if or if Wes doesn't get hit hard tonight will be an indicator of the remainder of this season.

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Actually, statistically he is worse.


5-11, 5.93 ERA in 135 major league innings, mostly with the Angels. He is 29 years old.


Did throw 6 plus shutout innings at AAA this year. He is the 10th righthander in a row to start vs. Brewers. Will be interesting to see who is in the lineup.

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Here is what TSN says about him


Assets: Cooper has two solid major-league-caliber pitches, with a 90-plus mph fastball, and a biting slider that is a benefit when spotted well. His mechanics continue to improve.


Flaws: Mental toughness is Cooper's biggest question mark. His stubbornness often gets in the way of his making the proper pitch for a situation. And it still remains to be seen if he'll ever grow his confidence enough to really go after hitters, especially the big boppers, whom he has traditionally pitched around.

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I like that starting lineup, I suggested the exact same one last night, except I had Hall in for Counsell (I was projecting a lefty starting against us). Lets hope that Overbay can come back tomorrow the way that Spivey has when he was sat down for a day.
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Ahh, I don't think the batting order is switched around at all. Our batting order is


1. CF

2. SS

3. 2b

4. LF

5. 1b

6. 3b

7. RF

8. C


You can stick the names wherever you want, but that right there is our set batting order, for the season.

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Does anyone know or has it been mentioned how comfortible Helms is at first base? I didn't hear much about it this spring and being from the west coast I don't see many news articles. I am kinda glad that they gave Lyle a day off.


Anyway, this lineup looks like all-stars. It is ok with me. Hopefully Jenks will get some good looks with a little protection behind him.

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HR Jenkins!!!


Where was that last night...and the night before


Ginter singles

Helms Fielders choice - Ginter out

Clark Singles - Helms to third

Bennett Singles - Helms scores - Clark to second

Obermueller sacrifices - Bennet to second, Clark to third

Pods flies out


Brewers 2 Giants 0 After 1 1/2


Feliz Struck out

Pierzynski Grounded out to third

Tucker grounded out to second


Brewers 2 Giants 0 After 2


Counsell Grounds to SS

Spivey fouled out to 3rd

Jenkins lined out to right


Brewers 2 Giants 0 After 2 1/2


Mohr flied to Left

Ransom flied to Center

Cooper struck out


Brewers 2 Giants 0 After 3


Ginter grounded to third

Helms struck out

Clark flied to center


Brewers 2 Giants 0 After 3 1/2


Perez lined out to center

Snow flied to center

Grissom infield single to third Crap

Feliz singled to right - Grissom to second

Pierzynski grounded out to first


Brewers 2 Giants 0 After 4


Bennett lined out to left

Obermueller flied out to center

Pods grounded to first


Brewers 2 Giants 0 After 4 1/2


Tucker struck out

Mohr grounded to shortstop

Ransom flied out to center


Brewers 2 Giants 0 After 5


Sorry, but I gotta go now. Keep it up Obey!!

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