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New Power 50, 12/3, and the BIG announcement

And That

The New Power 50 is up.


The first projection of 2007 rosters will be up within a few hours.


The BIG news:

This is my last Power 50. Going forward, the duties will be handed off to either a person or persons... the setup is still TBD, but it will be in very good hands. Obviously more announcements about this are forthcoming.


I'm stepping down because I just don't have the time to do it anymore, but it's been fun over the years. I hope I've inspired at least a person or two to become more interested in the Brewers and minor league baseball.


I'll still be hanging around the site, but not as much. Best of luck to all of the guys I've been following over the past years, and go Brewers!

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Thanks for all of the Power 50's that you have done. You have always done a great job and I have yet to find a brewer prospect list that is more accurate, in my opinion.


Good luck with whatever it is that is consuming your time and as Raider Tim stated, hopefully the next producer/s of the Power 50 will be able to do as fine of a job as you did!


Thanks again!

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Geez Toby....I guess I didn't expect this. The Power 50 is my favorite aspect of the site. I know it won't go away, nor will you, but I appreciated your ability to weave knowledge, insight and sarcasm into your narratives.


Good luck in the future...although I know you won't be too far away.


What is going to happen to the Power 50....Do you have a "Power Five" list of prospects to create the future Power 50? That would only be appropriate.

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I enjoyed the P50 as well, but it was the unfulfileld promise of free beer and nachos that brought me to the site.


I am proposing that Toby, Brian, Patrick, Jim, or whoever else get together and find 15-20 "regular" posters to compile the power 50 together in a sort of AP voting style. You could probably get by with choosing 40 minor league players per person, with a 1st place vote netting someone 40 points, 2nd place vote 39, etc etc. One person "chairs" the list and provides comments, adds up the totals and sends them along to Brian.


It could lead to more discussion and if we can avoid a playoff at all costs, lots of "watercooler debates"

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The Power 50 served as my introduction to the minor league system about 5 years ago. It helped me get familiar with all of most important names in the system and made reading all of the box scores a ton of fun. I know a couple of other folks that are now addicted to following the Brewer's minor league system that were weened on your lists and comments.


It was obvious that other interests and responsibilities were starting to cut into your Power 50 time over the last year or so. I hope this frees up enough time to keep your sanity!


Thanks again.

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Let me add another name to the players to watch category that I haven't seen discussed.....Patrick Ryan. Watched him out of the pen in WV this year, 5-2 1.87 ERA, 91.2 IP 27BB 73K .230AVG....Always seemed in control and acted like he "knows how to pitch". Only other bull pen guy I've seen in two years in WV as reliable is Joe Thatcher who was lights out in Hawaii Winter ball. Just my 2 cents from WV
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Thank you for all the kind words, everyone. It's been an honor to be your minor league pusher over the years. I still remember doing my first Power 50 on the ESPN board randomly one day... Patrick (colbyjack) got really interested in it, and it took off from there.


I know somewhere floating around there's a copy of the first Power 50. If I still have it, I'll post it for all to enjoy. Corey Hart was most def pretty high on it. He's my biggest success story. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif


Yovanni Gallardo is the real deal. I've been high on him since the beginning, and I stand by him. I wouldn't champion it, but if he started in Milwaukee next spring, he could easily post a 4 ERA w/180 innings pitched. He's the most likely candidate in the system to replace Ben Sheets, if he should ever leave the Brewers. Yo's a special kid. For those who haven't seen him pitch, even his ultra-simple delivery will amaze you.


The Brewers should have drafted someone other than Mark Rogers. I've held to that since he's been drafted, and I really think I've been borne out on it. And this is not a "hindsight is 20/20" thought, or a "we should have drafted Homer Bailey" thought - I wouldn't have been in favor of Bailey either - but have the Brewers not learned that HS pitchers are a 1 in a thousand shot? The Brewers are unwise to be gambling their draft budget on HS pitchers.


Ryan Braun has proven he can hit, tho he hasn't proven he can play defense or draw walks consistently. He has exceeded my expectations offensively, though he still has a giant hole in his swing right under the hands (remember the "loop hitch"?). His defensive capabilities will make him either a solid big leaguer or a standout.


Will Inman will be the Brewers' top prospect at this time next year. I love him even more than Gallardo, to be honest. As long as Will Inman stays healthy, the Brewers will have a potential #1/#2 bulldog in their organization.


I won't let the cat out of the internet bag too much, but Pogokat (hey, let's start all calling him Brad, as that is his name) will be involved with the Power 50 next year.


There will be a few more organizational projections before April. I enjoy doing those - it is the OCD/accountant/Radiohead-fan in me. Everything needs to be in its right place.


Thanks again to everyone who have been with me over the years. I know I've had a lot of weird opinions and made some controversial statements about some players, but all this has been out of love for the Milwaukee Brewers. I love the organization with all my heart, and will continue to.


Go Brewers.

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