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7/16 Non-Brewers IGT


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Well considering at this point it basically would take a career ending injury to stop Barry it is more expedient and morally acceptable to root for him to hit a whole bunch in the next few days.
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Are these posts supposed to be in blue?


Sorry, I'm rooting against Barry.


I agree, here's hoping for a good dose of karma to stop him short.


For a good laugh, check out espn's poll question that's up now. "Do you think Bond's knowingly took performance enhancing drugs?" Are the results enough evidence to suspend him?

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It really stinks that the Cubs are beating up on teams like Houston and San Francisco while the Brewers have to face wild card contenders like Colorado and Arizona.


That won't last forever, the two teams play remarkably similar schedules the rest of the way. For instance, SF is in Milwaukee next, while AZ is in Chicago.

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I mentioned this in a post a couple days ago, but for whatever reason (maybe just looking at the world through blue and gold glasses), it seems to me that the Cubs get to play every team when that team is at its worst.


To start their hot streak, they got the ChiSox at their absolute nadir. They were already the worst hitting team in the league and topped themselves by scoring 2 runs in 3 games.


Then Colorado decided to cool off after playing well, mainly by pitching like little leaguers and booting every ball in the field. The lowlight was Kaz's (I believe it was him) bobble of the easy final out in the game where Colorado came back in the 9th.


Next was Washington, playing like Washington, when they, of course, decide to play well against us.


Pittsburgh actually stepped it up.


And then there's Houston. Couldn't hit until the 9th inning of game 2 (4 hits to that point, maybe?) and on top of it, Roy Oswalt gets shelled. Oh, and in a one game win yesterday, musclemen Theriot and Pagan hit homers.


And now Bonds isn't playing.


Obviously, things have gone the Brewers' way this year, too, namely the hot start by many players and the lack of injuries until recently. But man, it seems like the Cubs are living a charmed life right now, and not because they are amazing.


[/silly whine] http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif

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Cubs continue to live a charmed life. Broken bat dribbler infield hit, followed by dink hit-and-run that barely gets through the infield, followed by a 2-run double.


I hate Aramis Ramirez.

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