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4/18/08 Brewers (Sheets) at Reds (Arroyo): 6:10 PM CDT










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This is about the best pitching the Brewers can throw at someone right now, assuming Yo doesn't show signs of rust. Sheets v Arroyo absolutely favors the Brewers, I'm hopeful that the Crew can get two in this series.
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I seem to remember Arroyo doing pretty well against the Brewers last year in a couple of starts, hopefully that doesn't continue. GABP seems to be almost as bad as PNC as far the Brewers playing poorly there, so I'd be okay with 1 win and quite happy with 2.
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I think it is about time Ned thinks about keeping Ben on a strict every 5th day schedule. The way things are going with our other 4 guys we need as many starts out of him as possible. 1. Because Ben Sheets is God and 2. The bullpen would be much obliged if a starter made it into the 7th inning once in a while
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A series win means a winning road trip. A series loss means a losing road trip. I'm not saying this is "must win", but think about how huge it would be to win the first of four 9+ game road trips, especially considering how they struggle on the road quite a bit. Lets hope the top of the rotation pitches like they should and the offense comes alive in a hitter's park.
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I just hope they don't start swinging for the fences in every AB just because they're playing in GABP. It seems like it takes until the third game of the series for them to stop trying to hit HR every time they got there.

"[baseball]'s a stupid game sometimes." -- Ryan Braun


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2B Craig Counsell

SS JJ Hardy

LF Ryan Braun

1B Prince Fielder

RF Corey Hart

3B Bill Hall

CF Gabe Gross

P Ben Sheets

C Jason Kendall



CF Norris Hopper

SS Jeff Keppinger

RF Ken Griffey Jr.

2B Brandon Phillips

LF Adam Dunn

3B Edwin Encarnacion

1B Joey Votto

C Paul Bako

P Bronson Arroyo

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